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April 2, 2005 --- After a four-year hiatus, Kyle Elk has returned to his position as director of human resources at Lightning Flash Software. When questioned what prompted his return, he stated: "I felt that I'd vacationed long enough. And besides, my friends back home wouldn't stop pestering me about getting another job."

March 10, 2005 --- The sequel to our award-winning game "Wildcat's Street Run" has been slated for release on July 1 of this year. Software manager Blackie Karota has made it clear that further details won't be provided until then. "In most cases we would disclose some minor details about the project itself," she explained. "But since one magazine--I won't mention any names--blabbed every little detail about our last game and basically spoiled it for everyone else, 'Wildcat's Street Run 2' is going to be strictly confidential."

February 11, 2005 --- The company has withdrawn its products from Quick-Sell Inc.'s shelves due to extortion. As some of you may know, Quick-Sell has been charging as much as twice the suggested retail price on our games and database software. Thus, the store will not be selling those products until the situation has been cleared up. For you regular shoppers of that store, we apologize for the inconvenience.
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