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Lightning Flash

Company History

Lightning Flash
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Lightning Flash Software was founded in 1995 by a group of entrepreneurs from the Dearborn, Michigan area. It didn't take long for the company to hit the software market with their first game, "underground" mining hit Quartz Crash. Following their success and responding to requests from many gamers, the programmers churned out a dozen small games over the course of eight months and included them on a CD to be sold at computer shows around the continent. Of these, "Wildcat's Street Run" proved to be the biggest hit, so it--along with three others--took most of the company's time the next few years.
Starting in 2003, LFS started dealing with other areas of the computer world. Their first non-game, the database program Compilation Plus, was released that year. Following that came the Cash Cache utility meant for money management, and more recently programs dedicated to MIDI composing and word processing were developed as well.
Most of the people at LFS's only office have worked there throughout most of the company's history. It's the sort of company it is; the employees are dedicated to their work and stick with it until completion, and even during hard times--such as the "Era of Weird", as company CEO Read Berron referred to the years of 2001-2004--workers and managers alike have shown that they can recover and pull through. We'll send you back to our home page with the company motto: "We enjoy our work so YOU can enjoy our work," and our copyright: Lightning Flash Software is copyright © Read Berron, 1995-2005. All rights reserved.
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