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No Need for Meltdown

Computers.  I've used them almost every day ever since I've gained self-awareness, and I know full well that bad things happen to them at unexpected times.

During September of 2002, though, I didn't expect the CPU on the Internet-capable machine to get so overheated that it would simply stop working.  I knew the fan on the computer wasn't working properly, so I figured something had to go down sooner or later.  The kicker came when I made the mistake of leaving it on while I was away at college that day.  The screensaver's image was frozen on that screen, and pushing the reset button didn't give me any results either.

Three months of nearly complete inactivity followed; it wasn't until around December that we finally got another computer (one that works), and I had to use a computer at the college just to check my E-mail.  Over at #SamuraiPizzaCats early on in 2002, I once said to someone: "If I ever stop updating my website, it means I'm either hospitalized or dead".  Guess I'll just have to add "or if the blasted computer breaks down" to that list.

And, of course, when I found out that my Trellix webpage builder insisted on me getting a new version, but I couldn't because it would cost $50 dollars to buy it off the website, I nearly went ballistic.  It wasn't until just a week and a half ago that I finally found a builder that would cooperate with me.

Sorry for the delay, everyone.  I guess I should've said something like, "I shall return".  Now it's more like, "Help!  I've fallen, and I can't get up!"  My apologies.  To quote Piccolo, "Looks like I'm back in action!"


Curtis R. Wildcat