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Seymour "Big" Cheese

"I've always wanted to say all phasers!"


Supposed to be a fox, but more like a fox-rat hybrid (at least by our own definition); the prime minister of Little Tokyo; and has no shame whatsoever.  This is the Big Cheese, the SPC's primary villain.

The reason we say that he has no shame whatsoever is that he's a major crossdresser, and he has more shoes and perfume than Princess Violet.  He's not exactly what we'd call hard-working, either; he normally lets Jerry and Bad Bird take control of whatever plans he has in store for Little Tokyo (although he does take control of the robots himself sometimes).  He steals money from other people and from the city treasury (mostly from the treasury) to fund his schemes.  Definitely not a guy to be trusted.

There's one thing we like about him, though.  Whenever a plot to take over the city fails, he has a tendency to explode!  It must run in the family, since everyone in it is capable of self-detonating.  Ah, well.

One more thing: keep this guy away from a microphone.  His singing is horrible!