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This is Weird!

#1 --- Lina wakes up from a great dream only to encounter the pits of reality.

#2 --- An upset tavern owner kidnaps Amelia in order to obtain the money needed to fix his building.

#3 --- Phibrizzo barely survives the Lord of Nightmares' attack and attempts to seek out Lina and Xelloss.

#4, Part One --- Answers several questions: One, why does Phibrizzo really look like a kid?  And two, what in the world is the Joker doing in the "Slayers" universe?

#4, Part Two --- Whether it's the Knight of Ceiphied or her younger sister, no one is safe from Xellos and the Joker's prank-fest.

#4, Part Three --- The Joker vs. Luna Inverse, Phibrizzo, Martina, and Zangulus.  That's all the information I can give.

#5 --- Two new mazoku show up and make lives miserable for humans and monsters alike.  But what's up with their attitudes towards all this?

#6 --- Kharlosa and Kurthish make a trip to the undersea fortress of Deep Sea Dolphin.  Finding her is one thing; getting around her insanity is something else.

#7 --- Amelia enters a poetry contest in the infamous town of Dimen Port.  Features cameos by Lupin III, an Electrode, et cetera, et cetera, et cetera....

#8 --- More things are happening than can be described here.  All we can say is: mazoku or not?