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What is going on here?!

Believe me.  I had the same reaction after listening to that sound collage down here.  Curtis, you have too much free time on your hands.

Felonia, will you just get on with this already?

Yeah, yeah.  There are four downloads here.  Here's the heads-up.  Listen carefully, because this is important: when you download the first two files here, re-name them and save them in a *.ZIP format.  We had to zip these up because the WAV collage is big enough already, and we didn't want to waste space; but uploading them in ZIP format results in the file being immediately unzipped.  We switched a letter on the format to avoid all this, but you'll need to re-name them if you want to listen to anything. If you're having difficulty doing that, go to a DOS prompt and do it from there.   Okay?  Here goes.


Favorite MIDIs ---- A small number of MIDI files.  I think these are Curtis's favorites or something.

Favorite WAVs ---- An even smaller number of WAVs.  We didn't make any of these, by the way.

Super Collage ---- *sighs* I get a headache trying to describe this file.  I suppose you could call it a "Sailor Scouts vs. All Comers" collage, but that'll be up to you to decide.  WAV format. *turns slightly* Anyone got some aspirin around here?

Vader vs. Marx ---- Darth Vader meets Groucho Marx in this WAV collage.  In case you start wondering about the background music, it comes from "Star Wars: TIE Fighter".  This is pretty neat, actually.