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Mu 2

"Hunt-and-peck, hunt-and-peck.  Come on, give me a real programmer!"


Age: 5
Hobbies: Calculating the value of pi, updating his own systems
Theme song: "I'm a Mechanical Man", Command & Conquer soundtrack
Favorite TV shows: .hack//sign, Star Trek
Occupation: S.I.D. main supercomputer
Around 5 years ago when S.I.D. was based in the United States, an attack by the Animal Legion of Doom reduced the Mansion to dust.  A short time later, everyone who lived there relocated to Little Tokyo and constructed S.I.D. Headquarters.  Curtis had several of his best programmers and technicians come up with a 2nd-generation supercomputer that would help balance the workload of managing the crime-fighting organization.  Whereas the Mansion's computer was called simply "Mu", this new machine came to be called "Mu 2".
Mu 2, unlike the original computer, is a sentient machine quite capable of operating on his own.  He will insult anyone who calls him "just a stupid computer".  He is continually upgrading his systems in order to defend against viruses, worms, and the like; and anyone who tries a head-on attack will be met with a giant boxing glove (amongst other things).  He never hesitates to tease anyone, regardless of who that person is (he's the only one capable of insulting Washu on a regular basis); but when things start to get interesting, he's all business.
We'd be surprised if anyone besides Curtis actually likes Mu 2.