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Photo Gallery

Below are some photos taken in-between early spring 2004 and late August 2004, with the exception of the picture of me.  Since there aren't too many pictures here, I'm not going to bother with categorization.

This is the computer I use to type my fanfiction and play older games, such as Space Hulk and Jordan Vs. Bird: 1-on-1.  Doesn't look like much (it's 10.5 years old), but it works well enough for me.  The only downside is that it doesn't have an Internet connection, but that's just a technicality as far as I'm concerned.  The computer's been showing its age recently, though...


I think this is a picture of the sun; the photo's not exactly high-quality.  I took this picture when I was vacationing out of state during August.  It's an example of brightness and brilliance.


My long-haired cat, Drew.  Unlike the last picture, she's an example of dimness.  Now you know why I put that last picture up there.


My other cat, Sabrina.  She's a cute little furball, isn't she? >^_^<


When she was young, someone asked Drew: "Pick one: brains or beauty."  Plenty of beauty, but not enough brains (you can tell I don't value Drew's intelligence too highly).


Our puppy, Abigail (I suggested Fearless Leader, but somehow the name didn't fit).  Cute, huh?  She hasn't hit the intelligent stage of her life yet, but she's getting there.  "You can believe a dog can fly..."  Eh, skip it.


This is the only picture listed here that I didn't take myself.  Yep; it's yours truly.  This picture was taken at a high school pep rally a few years ago, and the reason I look a bit annoyed is because of the noise level.  I mean, how's a guy supposed to sleep with all that racket?