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*What* Insertion?

The chapters on this page are undergoing a transition to HTML.  As of now, only the Prologue and first two chapters are available.

Prologue --- Phibrizzo's plans to reduce the world to chaos are thrown into disorder by two unexpected arrivals, who manage to manuever events to the point of dimensional transfer.

#1 --- Between getting adopted, stopping a thief and getting clues as to who else is lurking around, Phibrizzo and his two "parasites" have been keeping themselves busy.

#2 --- Phibrizzo makes several possible friends, a certain shrunken detective included. He later meets up with a handful of the Nerima district's more well-known individuals...

The chapters below are unavilable until the HTML versions are posted.

#3 --- A crazy kleptomaniac decides that she likes Phibrizzo, and a meeting with the girl's older cousin---one cold-hearted scientist---may be what the mazoku needed.

#4 --- After getting tricked into getting kissed by Azusa, Phibrizzo's depressive side asserts itself; several Amazons and the employees of a sporting goods store unknowingly work to reverse the matter. Family members and attorneys-at-law included.

#5 --- Sherry's cold-hearted demeanor is getting on Phibrizzo's nerves, so he decides to set up a detour to Nerima on her life's road. Meantime, several Tendos are getting a little suspicious about Phibrizzo and Conan's character traits.

BY THE WAY: If anyone out there's a decent artist and would like to contribute some artwork for this story, it would be appreciated. Thanks.