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Let the Cellar Beware!

Operation: Let the Cellar Beware!
Robot of the Day: Giant spider robot
Destroyed by: Speedy Cerviche ---- Ginzu Sword

At the headquarters of the Big Business Association and Lawn Chicken Croquet League, strange noises are heard at night. A watchman with nerves of yarn is posted, and he's regretting it. Suddenly hearing a creepy noise, the watchman looks for the source. His findings? A large shadowed figure. The brave watchman decides to retreat. Go figure.

Much later at the palace, Big Al Dente's chasing Princess Vi through the halls and trying to get her back to her studies; Vi refuses, claiming she doesn't want to be a figurehead when she grows up. After a merry chase, they come across Emperor Fred. Vi tries to get Fred to save her from Al. You ever get the idea that Fred really wanted to be a "scat singer", as Al puts it? After the Emperor dances away, Vi explains that what she really wants is a friend to play with.

Even a spoiled rabbit needs an education.

Over at the Pizza Cat, Speedy sneezes into a pineapple pizza and manages to upset Guido and Polly in the process. He decides to add his favorite toppings (including rhubarb) to the pizza and have a snack, but Polly quickly discourages that idea. Maybe it's time to buy some more catnip or something.

Back at the palace, Vi attempts a difficult math problem. Getting fed up, she laments being a burnout and asks to be entertained. One of the others at the meeting attempts to oblige her, but gets carried off by the Joke Police. After a brief pause, another Councilman brings up the business of the strange goings-on that frightened away the watchman. Al questions the Big Cheese, who gives off the rumor of a ghost in the woodwork. Vi decides she wants to meet it, much to Al's chagrin.


That night at the Big Business Association for the Criminally Incompetent, a group of Ninja Crows are putting something together; Seymour later explains to Jerry the purpose of the carousel, which is meant to make the city dizzy...and thus more vulnerable to takeover. Jerry understands, but something's wrong. Apparently the Ninja Crows have been working all day, and are extremely tired once their shift ends. The old crow suggests ordering some pizza in order to cheer them up. Seymour agrees, as long as Jerry pays for it.

The phone rings at the pizza parlor, and Francine takes the order from Seymour's advisor: 3 dozen pizzas. The others briefly discuss the possibility that the noises in the BBACI building could possibly be another Big Cheese plot, and Speedy expresses confidence in the SPC's ability to deal with the possible threat. Shortly afterward, he's launched from the parlor to the tune of Francine's announcement and the two dogs' comments.

While airborne, Speedy magnifies his destination. What he sees is proof that rat-fox hybrids shouldn't crossdress. The scene startles Flight Cerviche and sends it spinning into the building. Seymour explains that he got Olivia Newton-John's role in "Grease". Not only is he ugly, he's also terrifying. Anyway, Jerry pays the bill while Speedy decides to pick up the pizza travel packs later. However, he's not planning on leaving so soon...

In the midst of searching every nook and cranny, the pizza delivery cat is startled by Violet. The princess insists that Speedy be her escort, exclaiming that it's been too long since she had this much fun. "Let's see how much excitement we can scare up!" It isn't long, though, before Vi's "great imagination" leads them right into the path of a giant robotic spider with a beak. Startled, both princess and Pizza Cat stumble backwards through a door...and down.


Speedy lands first, while Vi uses him as a cushion. Seconds later, they're forced reenact an Indiana Jones scene as they run from a giant boulder. They don't get very far when they fall through another hole, this time sliding through a long tunnel (and the Narrator's commenting on how miserable the scene is the whole time). After landing in a small room, several large faucets start to flood the area with water. While Vi ignores the danger in favor of enjoyment, Speedy opts to punch through what turns out to be a paper-mache wall. "Weird swimming pool."

Meanwhile, Francine is trying to pinpoint Speedy's location; next to her, Polly is looking on worriedly. Guido tries to reassure Polly by saying that Speedy's probably napping somewhere, but gets whacked with a frying pan for his efforts.

Cut back to Speedy and Vi; the two of them are running around with different thoughts on their mind (exasparation and excitement, respectively). After he sarcastically comments on a comparison to Sean Connery, the cat figures that he's found out what the spider robot was trying to keep them from: another Big Cheese plot. And right on time, too; Speedy's energy is running low, forcing him to switch to auxiliary power. Problem is, he didn't bring the backup power supply with him.

Headaches are quite common in these parts.

The machinery around them activates. What appears to be a giant hammer swings down and connects with Speedy's forehead, but we see that it's actually no bigger than the glass on his visor. At this point, the spider 'bot makes his return and easily rolls Speedy around, despite interference from Violet. However, being pressed against the ground doesn't prevent Speedy from signalling Francine with the cat bell around his neck.

At the parlor, Francine receives the signal. As she tries unsuccessfully to determine Speedy's whereabouts, the others decide that they should go out to look for him. Cue transformation sequence, and cue the sarcasm while you're at it! In the meantime, Francine dispatches the next member of the Rescue Team, Bat Cat: the writers' answer to a heavy situation. Just as the spider robot knocks Speedy out of the building Bat Cat swoops in, carries him off, makes poker arrangements, and blasts the robot away with his propellers.

Polly and Guido check on Speedy's condition, but their attempt to help him is stopped before it even starts: Guido forgot to bring Speedy's auxiliary energy pack. Bat Cat volunteers to take Speedy back to the parlor after the latter cat leaves the care of the princess in his teammates' hands. Seems like the right time for the pack of Ninja Crows to show up, huh? The recovered spider robot orders the Crows to attack. Even without Speedy to help them, though, the other SPC easily thrash their winged foes.

The beaked spider robot steps in at this point and attacks with a giant stinger coming out of his back end. After a flurry of strikes and parries, he gets through the SPC's defenses and knocks them against the wall. After retracting the stinger and launching his next attack, the spider decides that Pizza Cats and shaving cream don't mix well. He never finishes them off, though. Speedy reappears, whacks the robot away, and Cats Eye Slashes it before the 'bot gets the chance to retaliate. Don't forget, people: you saw this on "Samurai Pizza Cats".

A short time later, certain members of the Council arrive to investigate, and they discover what the Ninja Crows were working on. After being verbally cornered by Al and Violet, the Big Cheese tells them that he was building an underground amusement park for the princess's sake. At his quarters, Seymour gets upset to the point of exploding---and does. The episode finishes with the the SPC standing atop the palace. One last thing to remember: 'V' stands for 'Victory'!

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