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Singing Samurai Sensai-tion

Operation: Singing Samurai Sensai-tion
Robot of the Day: Two of them, both unknown
Destroyed by: Speedy Cerviche -- Ginzu Sword

The episode starts off at the Pizza Cat.  Speedy and Guido attempt to gain Lucille's attention by offering them a soda and french fries, respectively.  After Lucille says thanks, Guido attempts to wave off Speedy by asking him to chop bologna.  Speedy retorts that the "I made you these special fries" remark is enough bologna to last them for a month, but Guido tells him that females like hearing that sort of hyperbole.  Polly breaks up the act by telling them about the bologna pizza that needs to be sent out.  Sounds like my kind of pizza...  Anyhow, as Speedy and Guido compare the manners of Polly and Lucille, the female Pizza Cat gets angrier.  She calms down when the Cats compliment her fighting prowess, but Guido spoils the mood by implying that she'd fail charm school.  This doesn't resolve the issue of Polly's temper, however.  Good-bye.

After the tom-cats leave, Polly and Lucille laugh about what just happened.  An odd-looking bird shows up, laughs, and attempts to figure out what sort of fabric Polly's uniform is made of.  "It's polyester...and so are you!"  After getting clobbered for doing this, the bird introduces himself as Charlie Bird, proprietor from the Live House.  He claims that he can make Lucille a bigger star than Bono, and Polly goes into the reasons why she should listen.  Charlie says that he'd planned on just making Lucille a star, but she manages to include Polly in the deal as well.  Before Charlie can protest, the Pizza Cat suggests the name "Pointless Sisters" for the duo.  Before long, the deal's sealed.

Later, Speedy is surprised when Francine tells him that Polly and Lucille are about to be rock stars.  Speedy insults Polly's singing, and gets beaned with the cash register.  Speedy then says that if Polly can manage stardom, then he'll admit he was wrong and stand on his tail on Little Tokyo's biggest bridge.  Piece of cake, huh?  Yeah, right.  He's no flagpole sitter, that's for sure.

As Polly's helmet sits in a dressing room, she and Lucille rock the Live House to the ground.  Afterwards, Speedy and Guido pay a visit to their dressing room.  Polly asks if Speedy thought she was great...only to find that he and Guido are paying more attention to Lucille than to her.  Like before, her anger is briefly stifled when Speedy tells her that the Polly he knew is gone forever; also like before, the mood is spoiled when he and Guido make faces at her.  Good-bye.

Slight language mix-up, anyone?
Guess they decided not to insult themselves,
after all.

Later, Speedy tells Guido that Polly's a helpless slave to rock and roll.  Seeing a crowd across the street, they wonder how the Pointless Sisters' new record got so popular so quickly.  

In the Big Cheese's quarters, Jerry remarks on the brilliance of his plan...apparently centering on the rock duo's newfound popularity.  Seymour's too busy paying attention to the poster, and his advisor refers to him as a moronic imbecile.

Night falls, and hundreds of Little Tokyo denizens are walking the streets in a zombie-esque fashion.  Charlie Bird, who reveals himself to be Bad Bird, briefly degrades the Narrator's intelligence.  The Ninja Crow explains that the energy waves produced by the Sisters' singing have lulled everyone who listened to them into doing what he says.  The Narrator angrily decides to go to his trailer as two robots, one of them with buck teeth, appear out of the darkness.

Back at the Big Cheese's quarters, Seymour talks about how he got his telescope for 50% off.  Jerry compares his money-sense to the show's producers, then listens as Seymour asks him a question about their newest robots: why are large chunks of the robot basically empty space?  Low budget, huh?  Right.

At the Live House, the two robots rise out of the ground and go around town, causing damage to homes and background sets.  After a brief discussion about screenplays---and after one of the by-standers wonders if she has a part in it---the robots roll on.  It is revealed that the captured citizens and walking on treadmills built where the robots' feet should be, which explains the empty space---and they're heading straight for the Shoguns' weapons vault!  The alarm goes off at the Pizza Cat.  Transformation sequence!

In mid-flight, Polly and Speedy scoff at the mother dog's suggestion that they're insecure and desperate for attention (either that, or they're still upset at each other; take your pick).  Guido's just happy that she referred to them as superheroes.

Shortly, Bad Bird hears a voice and guesses that the Pizza Cats are nearby.  He guessed correctly; the Cats appear and introduce themselves.  Guido calls his Sunspot Umbrella 'the Parasol of Doom', and Speedy says that his sword's great for chopped liver.  Angrily, Bad Bird says that the 'cutesy cats' aren't going to stop them and orders the Ninja Crows to attack.  Good-bye.

As Bad Bird stews, the Cats land back on the building...and Speedy on Polly's tail.  Ouch.  As Guido tries to refocus Polly's attention on the coming fight, Bad Bird orders the robots to attack.

The robotic dance troupe welcomes you...NOT!
Buck teeth plus beak equals ugly.

The Spinning Cat Removal System that the robot fires snags the three Cats right off the roof.  The robot catches the giant ball and tosses it on top of the second robot's umbrella.  The giant parasol rotates, sending the Pizza Cats for a spin, then drops them off back outside.  Dizzily, Speedy rings the bell around his neck and signals for reinforcements.  Francine rhymes a message to General Catton, who blasts off towards the scene.

Catton threatens to blow the robots to scrap, but Bad Bird just laughs and points out the innocent people that still power the machines.  Elsewhere, Jerry remembers what the empty space in the robots were for, and Seymour agrees that the plan is brilliant.  Jerry breathes a sigh of relief.

The robots start to punch through the wall of the Shoguns' vault.  Speedy tells Bad Bird to let the citizens on out, while Polly says something that apparently upsets him (I played it through a few times, and I still couldn't figure out what she was saying).  The angry crow explains that it's because of Polly and Lucille---namely, the Pointless Sisters---that the people are in the robots to begin with.   "The really stupid ones were the Pointless Sisters!"

Naturally, this infuriates Polly.  Despite her being right about the bad guys deserving retribution, Speedy and Guido concede the point to Bad Bird.  Angrily, Polly somehow gets in front of the buck-toothed robot and, with a tremendous burst of strength, rips open the door.  She then does the same thing with the other robot.  Polly and Catton snap the citizens out of their stupor; the denizens climb out and race away.  The Spinning Cat Removal System attempts to put Speedy out of action, but he merely slices the thing in half...and proceeds to dice up the robots with his 'ancient' Ginzu sword.  Good-bye.

Ticked off, the Big Cheese demonstrates his poor sportsmanship by another explosion.  Later, Lucille and Polly are feeling dejected about the fact that no one remembers the Pointless Sisters, but Speedy points out that friendship's more important.  After Polly starts to get over it, an emotional Lucille lets the missiles fly.  A dust-covered Speedy finishes the episode by saying that with friends like them, they wouldn't need enemies.