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2: Rogue Warrios
2: Rogue Warriors

The small silver and yellow speedboat that Chaos Kitten had stolen raced its way through the Panama Canal, dodging Latin American patrols and making speed for the Atlantic Ocean.

A small wave lifted the boat into the air, but both he and Felonia stood their ground and stayed inside the boat.  "Maybe we should've taken the Strait of Magellan?" Felonia yelled, disgusted.

"We have to stick with the Canal," Chaos yelled back.  "It's the quickest way to Manhattan.  After receiving that invitation from the Cheese crime mafia, I'm not going to reject it."  An idea came into his head.  "Felonia, on my mark, commence with Tenth Triforce!"

The news report featured an open invitation from one of Seymour Cheese's relatives, a certain Chester Korbi.  Korbi had also warned that if anyone tried to interfere with their meeting, they would have a special appointment with the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean.  Chaos Kitten had tapped into Quarter's old hideout and had sent Korbi a message saying that he would meet him at New York.

"Commence....NOW!!"  Chaos's command interrupted her thoughts.  Felonia's raised her left paw and clapped it, above her head, with her cousin's own paw.

A beam of light, orginating from orginally empty air, that resembled the powerful Triforce shot its lethal way into the water.  The resulting tidal wave washed over their pursuers, sending them flying.  Some landed in the water, hanging on for life on the pieces of their boats until assistance could come.  Others were sent clear over the edge of the canal.

"Excellent work, Felonia," Chaos purred.  "Now, on to Manhattan.  We've got a date with destiny!"

The boat roared out of the canal, arrowing for southern Texas.  Burying the boat a half mile from the Mexican border, Felonia and Chaos took the land route, traveling along the border, stopping only to set fire to a building in Louisiana to hide their trail.

Heading straight for a mission in Manhattan.


"I'm telling you, this can't wait," the giant rodent ranted.  "The army of citizens over there are more than powerful enough to vanquish the rest of the world.  Something has to be done IMMEDIATELY!!"

Chester Cheddar stared at his nephew through the bars of his jail cell.  This guy, who was Seymour Cheese's brother, had the same insanity.  "Something tells me, my dear Kounn, is that you've had one too many cups of Java this morning.  Why don't you go outside and head home?  The exercise and fresh air is good for you."

"You think this is a joke, don't you, old man?" Kounn snarled.  His short hair flared in all directions.  "If you're not going to dispatch a force to destroy the people of that city, I'll take charge and handle it myself!"

"You'll never be able to reach the city," Cheddar warned.  "Especially if you don't want to face the Samurai Pizza Cats."

"I don't have to take this," Kounn hissed.  "If you don't think I can take out Little Tokyo myself, you have to be the most craziest man on the face of this Earth!"

With that, Kounn stormed out, not even bothering to say good-bye.

"Sad," Cheddar said to the guard outside his cell.  "Sad to see someone so normal turn insane in the blink of an eye."

"I know the feeling," said a familiar voice.  The guard turned around so that Cheddar could see his face.  However, it wasn't the face of the security guard that had been hired to watch him.

It was Cosmo, New York Pizza Cat.

"Just how long have you been standing there?" asked Cheddar.

"Long enough," was all he said in response.  The tall cat winked and walked away, while Cheddar just hung his head, wondering what would become of the relative that had turned so quickly against him.  He knew what would become of him, in reality; he would fail, like so many had before him, to face off against Little Tokyo.  To face off against Speedy Cerviche.

To face off against Curtis Wildcat.


Cosmo met DeeDee, Abigail, and Sundance on the steps of the New York Pizza Cat.  "I have news for you," Cosmo said.

Sundance interjected before his buddy could continue.  "What's the word from the prison?  Do we have enough head time to head off Kounn?"

Cosmo shook his head.  "Unfortunately, no.  Kounn commandeered one of the National Guard's planes, took command of a bunch of Chester's fighting machines, and launched for Little Tokyo 5 minutes ago.  That means it's too late for us to intercept the plane.  Speedy and the others need to be on their guard, and the plane will arrive there in 5 hours, if my estimations are correct."

"Let Curtis handle it," DeeDee suggested.  "If Kounn's as insane as I think he is, he probably only brought the Third-Class Tank Blasters with him.  It should be an easy job for that Grand Admiral character to handle."

Sundance nodded, a smile on his face.  "That's one of your better ideas, sweetheart.  Abigail, you go contact Big Al Dente over in Little Tokyo.  He should know what to do."

Two figures blazed on by just then, leaving behind a trail of dust.  "Those idiots just broke the speed limit!" Abigail shouted, fanning away the dust.

"Abigail, contact Big Al," Sundance yelled, trying not to cough.  "Let US worry about those guys!"

Abigail, although still a bit shaken, nodded.  "Got it!"  She raced back inside the building.

"Well, Sundance?" Cosmo asked.  "What do you think of this whole situation?  Kounn's planning an attack on Little Tokyo, and that little announcement that Korbi made....what's YOUR reaction?"

Sundance's answer came out cold.  "I believe we are going to be in a world of trouble.  You just mark my words, Cosmo.  This world will never be the same again."

The cloud of dust gradually disappeared.