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Stop Dragon My Cat Around

Operation: Stop Dragon my Cat Around!
Robot of the Day: Giant Dragon
Destroyed by: Speedy Cerviche ---- Ginzu Sword

The Narrator opens the episode by talking about some of Little Tokyo's qualities, like how the city is populated by cartoon characters, like how the city still has street vendors, like how the old meets the new, like how Little Tokyo is home of the world's largest ball of yawn, and how the city is occupied by the Samurai Pizza Cats.

A small kid asks Polly Esther, the she-cat in red, if they serve shrimps; she and Francine, who is dressed in the color of money, respond with the punchline of an ancient joke (Brak: "Do you serve crabs here?  Yes, said the waiter!")  Speedy, costumed in the color of Wildcat's living room, hurries around the parlor, delivering the appropiate pizzas to the appropiate customers.  Polly receives an order for a snack from Lucille, coining one of those phrases that we hear throughout most of the series.  Speedy is happy to deliver the pizza, but Guido, the happy blue-clothed Pizza Cat, shoves him out of the way, snatches the pizza basket, and makes due for Lucille's house.  An angry Speedy chases him out the door, while Polly laments angrily over the two cats' love interests.  It gets to the point where Polly angrily rejects the next costumer's request for lunch.

If they look like this, stay away.

The evil Bad Bird is spied by the Narrator, spying on the denizens of the city.  The scene abruptly switches to a cat-chase.  Speedy disappears off the chase, only to reappear a few seconds later and steal the basket.  Guido realizes what's happened and chases after him.  In the meantime, Speedy throws the basket on top of his helmet and shoots down an alley, but finds the order plucked off the top of his head by a sneaky Guido.  HE reaches the safety of the overhang of a tall building, but gets his pizza "gold-fished" away by Speedy.  Hook, line, sinker!  Speedy races up another building, but Guido knocks him back down and gets the pizza back.  He races down the building, races into the road, and SURPRISE! gets hit by a supply cart.  On the back of the cart is a triumphant Speedy, dangling the stolen basket from one hand.  Guido is upset and wants to get his agent on the line, but it's too late; Speedy's escaped.

Speedy gets the pizza to Lucille, a female goat in charge of a small tea shop.  Right after he does, Guido lands from above and squashes him into the ground.  Ol' Blusy lands a rose on top of the basket and gives it to Lucille, then starts reciting a love poem.  Right after he finishes, Speedy pokes his head out from under him and pulls out of the ground.  After a short argument of making money vs. love, Speedy pulls a tree from its roots and smashes Guido with it.  (Speedy: "Two's company and THREE'S A CROWD!")  His rival is knocked silly for a few moments, but then recovers and starts another argument with Speedy, involving environmentally irresponsible people and politics.  Lucille, who's never really liked politics to begin with, finally finishes the argument with missiles from on top of her head.  As the Narrator says, what a mind-blowing experience!

Bad Bird, who's been watching this, launches a firework of his own into the sky, covering the sky in a cloud of darkness.  Soon enough, the Robot of the Day appears, doing it's Diabolical Dance of Doom and smashing into buildings, citizens, and the retirement home for aging Ninja Turtles.  The dragon then flies directly above Speedy and Guido, and Speedy catches a glimpse of Ninja Crows piloting the thing!  The two of them get knocked down, but get up again.  As the dragon disappears into the cloud, Lucille wonders what happened to the pizza she ordered.

(Commercial break)

At the Palace, an emergency meeting has just been called to order.  The "main" villain of the series, Seymour "Big" Cheese, exclaims concern for the business community and demands that something be done about the dragon.  No one else seems to want to worry about it. (That's a surprise.) Seymour says he's got a plan that will get rid of the lizard, and Big Al Dente agrees with him for once.  Seymour wants to bribe the dragon into leaving the city, but Big Al protests, saying that they need the protection of the Samurai Pizza Cats.  Violet, the Princess of the City, says the one thing that's painfully obvious: the best thing about the Pizza Cats is that they deliver!  Everyone falls over, as seems common in Japanese anime.  Al, after the meeting, makes the decision to call the SPC.  

At his pagoda, the Big Cheese is nervous about what the Pizza Cats might do to the dragon, but his old friend, an old crow named Jerry Atrick, tells him not to worry, and Bad Bird throws in his own two cents, saying that the dragon is jam-packed full of Ninja Crows.  Not to mention that they're wondering when lunch is going to be!  Seymour feels much better seconds later.  

The sky darkens again, and the dragon makes a reappearance, continuing his deadly path of destruction.  The Pizza Cats finally receive the call.  (Speedy: "Time to rocket and roll!")  After he hangs up, Al wonders if he could've placed an order at the same time.  Francine, thinking about the time she took piano lessons, begins the initiation sequence at the parlor's computer.

TRANSFORMATION SEQUENCE!  Three special ovens open up, and from right to left, Polly, Guido, and Speedy jump down them.  As they travel down, they make the transformation from six-slice pizza-makers to seventh-shuriken Samurai Pizza Cats!  Francine makes an announcement over the megaphone, then launches the Cats out of the clock tower-turned cannon.  A mother dog and her young son, watching the launch, joke about the launch a little.

(Commercial break)

In the meantime, the dragon is still damaging and wrecking its part of the city.  Bad Bird cackles a little, but is interrupted by the Pizza Cats, who make their first introduction in the series and state that there's enough time in the episode to defeat him.  After recalling his junior high drama class, Bad Bird orders the dragon to attack.

The dragon makes the first move, but the cats leap free and escape safely.  The dragon attacks again, but Guido takes out his Sunspot Umbrella (which, just for the record, is an iron-clad) and toasts the dragon's outer armor (leaving only the legs and claws behind) and blazing the Ninja Crows inside, as well.  Polly continues the attack by thowing a few heart-shaped daggers at the robotic monstrosity, setting it aflame.  

Mad, Bad Bird orders the Ninja Crows to attack.  The first round gets beaten back by Speedy's sword and Guido's umbrella, and a few more are dispatched by Polly's Passion Paws of Power (magnetic attraction, followed by claws sharper than your average cat's).

Cute combined with Darth Vader's temper.

Finally, the last few are sent to the sixties by the mesmerizing effect on Guido's umbrella.  As a last resort, Bad Bird orders the dragon legs to attack.  These, however, are blown into the Stone Age by Speedy's Cat's Eye Slash (his entry for Best Stupid Pet Trick).  Bad Bird gets away without even bothering to clean up what was left.  

The last frequent occurence in this series comes up: the Big Cheese, upset at the failure, literally explodes, sending Jerry Atrick flying into a wall in the process.  This leaves the Pizza Cats to celebrate quietly on the bridge.  Speedy falls into the river, closing out the episode.