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Curtis Wildcat
"Cheapskate B.Net hackers...."
Age: Early twenties
Species: Shorthair calico cat
Gender: Male
Height/weight: 5'11, and let's just say you don't want to challenge him to a pizza-eating contest.
Hobbies: Starcraft, drawing
Occupation: Grand Admiral of all S.I.D. forces
Theme song: "Fat" -- Weird Al Yankovic
Special abilities: Shape-shifting sword, Ultra-Speed, titanium-cutting claws, split-transformation
Favorite TV shows: Samurai Pizza Cats, Sanford and Son, Dragonball Z
Having gotten too close to a dosage of nuclear radiation, Curtis was forever deformed and forced to resemble that of which he liked the most: the cat.  In 1994, he gathered all known Super-Cats into Michigan's Mansion to form the most powerful crime-fighting force to date.  His contributions to the cause since then include the formation of a huge space fleet to protect against distant threats and the successful transfer of the Super-Cats to Little Tokyo when the Mansion was destroyed in 1999.
Shortly after getting transformed, Curtis made several marvelous discoveries.  He found out that he could race across the landscape at speeds far beyond what man has comprehended, and that his claws could slice easily through titanium.  These abilities, along with a natural hatred for profanity, allow him to keep the peace among the Super-Cats when arguments break out.
Depending on his emotions, Curtis can transform either one of two ways: Dark, if motivated by extreme anger or depression; or Light, if he's at his calmest.  Either way, he doesn't let it get in the way of his favorite pasttimes: playing cheap video games, and raiding the refrigerator.
His current goals are to discover the limits of his shape-shifting sword, and to eat at every "McDonalds" in the United States.

PROS: Hates profanity; generally prefers an "only fight if fought first" approach; can tell when he needs to apologize; knows how to handle a large spaceship fleet; really doesn't like being cheated
CONS: Outside of controlling his fleet, he's a lousy strategist; has a tendency to hog the living room television; doesn't think straight if he hasn't eaten for several hours
FACTOIDS: Is a regular customer at The Pizza Cat; if travelling over water is required, he uses an Airboard to fly over it