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Stadium Party: Wildcat vs. Aldonza
Since I won't be going up against anyone outside of my home town, I figure I might as well tell you what my teams are for the Pokemon games.  This is my Silver team.  By the way: just for the record, none of these moves were sharked (as far as I'm concerned, fairness is the way to go).

Wildcat's Silver Team

MAGMAR   ---Miracle Seed attached---

Fire Blast
Hidden Power  **grass**
Sunny Day

---I trashed Karate Chop earlier, since it was only taking up space.  If those water-types want to beat Magmar, they'll have to get through Sunny Day, first.
Needed changes: none.

Very well done, Curtis.  I had solutions planned for his other guys, but it took me a while to think up this counter.

LUGIA  **sharp beak attached**

RAICHU   ---Pink Bow attached---

Rain Dance
Thunder Wave

---The counter for the occasional Blastoise that washes away Magmar.  With the Rain Dance-Thunder combo, is there a reason why I don't like this guy?  No.
Needed changes: replace Headbutt with Ice-type Hidden Power.

He actually went ahead and gone with the rodent!  Raichu was "no sweat" to beat with this combo:

Steelix **pink bow attached**
Body Slam

FERALIGATR   ---Leftovers attached---
Nickname: Pacman

Ice Beam

---The counter for the rock-type that grounds Raichu.  Also, its electric and plant weaknesses are covered (Earthquake and Ice Punch, respectively).  And for other Pokemon that can't fly, not weak against these types, and can't normally send Pacman sizzling with one hit (example: Espeon), Screech comes in awfully handy.  And, just for the record, this was the guy I started out with (albeit not with that moveset).
Needed changes: None.

**sarcastic** Curtis, you are just too predictable.  My usual array of electrics, which includes Raichu and Ampharos, couldn't beat him; likewise with my all-purpose Quagsire.  Therefore, I had to turn to another bird.  I said to myself, "Why didn't I think of this before?"

ZAPDOS **bright powder attached**
Drill Peck
Thunder Wave

DRAGONITE  ---Dragon Fang attached---

Double Team
Fire Punch

---The counter for electric-types that manage to make it past Pacman.  I slipped in Double Team to help out Dragonite while the opponents are busy upping their own stats.  Also, Kingdras and other Dragonites are no longer problems.
Needed changes: replace Fire Punch with Flamethrower, and replace Dragon Fang with Bitter Berry.

Dragonite was a major pain, because it kept surviving my Kingdra long enough to take it out with Outrage.  After a few losses, I found a solution with this all-offensive Pokemon:

LAPRAS **nevermeltice attached**
Ice Beam

NOCTOWL   ---King's Rock attached---

Dream Eater

---You saw this one coming, didn't you?  This guy is extremely dangerous if allowed to get set up, contrary to popular belief.  The pattern: Hypnosis first, Nightmare to zap sleeping enemy's HP, Dream Eater (if neccessary) to recover own HP, and then Fly them away.  A friend of mine told me this won't work if Raichu knows Sleep Talk, but the chances of that happening are extremely unlikely.
Needed changes: replace Fly with Sky Attack.

AAGGGHHH!  I just cannot BELIEVE Noctowl survived that Thunderbolt-Thunder Wave combo!  He left me no choice but to send in the ultimate battler:

MEW **twistedspoon attached**

TYRANITAR   ---Soft Sand attached---

Rock Slide
Fire Punch

---The all-purpose Pokemon, used to wipe out anything and anyone that escapes Noctowl's clutches.  Soft Sand ups Tyranitar's Earthquake some.  Rock Slide knocks the Birds out of the sky.  Crunch, well.....Crunch will send Mewtwo searching for another line of work, even if he DOES know the Submission TM from the RBY games.
Needed changes: replace Fire Punch with Flamethrower.

Sheesh....Wildcat's not just playing around, is he?  Lapras and Mew had already lost a ton of power, so I couldn't use them.  Instead, I took back a Pokemon I previously had to swap, due to Wildcat's Dragonite:

KINGDRA **mystic water attached**
Double Team

So, there you have it.  By the way, if any of you have a team you think you could beat mine with **you can experiment with the above movesets, if you want**, send it to me, and I'll evaluate it.  Send it to, and you just may see yourself here.  Bye!