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Ambush Cat
"That shadow leaping towards's not real."

Age: Late twenties
Species: Black Maine Coon cat
Gender: Male
Length/Weight: 3'1, 96 lb (normally)
Hobbies: Pouncing, prowling, thrashing, dimension hopping
Occupation: None
Theme song: "Rain in the Night", Command & Conquer soundtrack
Special Abilities: Phase through solid matter, blend with shadows, superspeed, teleportation, matter absorption and usage, and who knows what else
Favorite TV shows: Count Duckula, The Muppet Show, Case Closed

Ambush Cat, although a member of S.I.D., is not an average Super-Cat.  He used to be able to stand on two legs, like all "normal" S-Cs.  However, when he chose to zap himself through the dimensional portal onto this planet, something went wrong.  Now, his personality and habits have changed; he now walks on four legs and has developed a spectacular jumping ability.  Also, although he thinks and communicates like a human, he is now the size of a small panther.  Not removed from him, however, was his penchant for using hit-and-run attacks to full advantage, as well as giving a new meaning to the word pounce.  His nickname, given to him by Empress Frieda, is "Shadow Cat", and he has no problem living up to it.  To add to his sneaky ability, he recently acquired the power to phase his body right through solid material.   His dimensional travelling has given him a wide array of talents, so no one in S.I.D. knows the full extent of these.

Thanks to help from numerous people and places, Ambush Cat is a lot more than what he makes himself out to be.  With help from such individuals such as Ryoko Hakubi, Puck, Xellos and the Noid, he takes trickery and his own brand of fun to a new level.  Rumor has it that he has friends in high places, as well.  This profile will be wrapped up with one statement: if you're a bad guy with an evil laugh, A.C. will out-do you.  Guaranteed.
Ambush Cat's current goal is to convince either a Mew or a Ditto to allow themselves to be aborbed into his system.  He is also in the middle of a series of table-tennis lessons involving his Umbreon, Swift.

Pros: Is multi-talented, impossible to sneak up on

Cons: Views Aldonza's tail as a chew toy, follows his own agenda most of the time, is impossible to predict

Factoids: Has a crush on Francine, has an array of dark-type Pokemon (of whom Swift is seen most often), does various odd jobs in order to earn spending money