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Aldonza Karate
"Insulting someone goes to show just how miserable a person you can be."
Age: 25
Species: Red fox/bat-eared fox mix
Gender: Female
Height/weight: 6'0, 147 lb
Hobbies: Anime collecting, Pokemon competition pulverizing, archaeology
Occupation: Part-time worker at the pizza parlor, backup vocals for rock group
Special theme song: "Breeze", Megumi Hayashibara
Special Abilities: Hyperspeed, enhanced tail, martial arts master, Flight Master
Favorite TV shows: Pokemon, Slayers, Sailor Moon

Aldonza is a very unusual fox, but you can easily put the blame on her parents.  Her mom was a red fox from the Kittenoan equivalent of Canada, and her dad was a bat-eared fox from the Kittenoan equivalent of southeastern Europe.  As a direct result, she has the fur and color a red fox; however, she also inherited two huge ears and a large number of teeth.

Enough of that, however.  Having a genetic defect common in almost all Super-Cats, she was born with a tail 2.5 times longer than she was tall.  With a little effort, she can transform it into a helicopter rotor, granting her flight capabilities.  You'd think that someone with a tail like that would have a lot of problems, and she did; however, she makes up for it with her vibrant and outgoing personality.  She has gotten herself a global network of friends, so she always has a place to go if things get rough, which was the case when the original Mansion was destroyed in 1999.  She rejoined Curtis and the others in Little Tokyo a few months later.
Included amongst her dislikes are chocolate in any form, people who put down Japanese anime, and anyone who insults her tail.  However, she is also an excellent cook.  This means that anyone who thinks her cooking tastes bad is giving the ultimate insult.
Her current plans include increasing her defensive capabilities and conquering "Pokemon Emerald"'s Battle Frontier.

PROS: Has an upbeat personality; has enough hobbies, etc. to keep herself occupied at all times; makes friends easily
CONS: Sometimes overworks herself to the point of exhaustion; turns mean if someone insults Pokemon; is *extremely* allergic to chocolate; has a deep-seated fear of royalty, with the exception of Emperor Fred (obviously)
FACTOIDS: Speaks nine languages fluently, including one African language; loves to travel; is a fan of the NBA's Orlando Magic