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Shin-Ra Newsletter

Shin-Ra Power Company Newsletter

New News

The New S-Class Ships to be Released
The new S-Class ships are due to be released in 3 days.  The designer of the new hull, Mitano Hojo, has designed a Titanium, Uranium mixture that will allow the ships to be immune to the power known as Mako Power.  This is the new type of power that ShinRa uses to fight its wars with.

S-Class Squadron Information

Ship size:  7 ships usually in Pentagon Formation
Ship Power:  all 7 ships combined have the power of 3 Midgar Reactors.
Ship Speed:  Each ship can go 22.5 x Lightspeed.
Ship Shield Power:  Bambos, Immunity 3, Titanium Uranium, and Normal low shields.
Ship Manuvering Power:  Equal to that of the 210x smaller X wing fighter.
Ship Length:  607 Feet.
Ship Width:  321 Feet.
Ship Height:  93 Feet.
Ship Standard Weapondry:  Standard Mako Blasters, Mako Bombs, Lv 3 Blasters, Ion Cannon, and Double Ion Cannon Control, SisterRay and MakoCannon controls.  On-Board miniture Mako Ballistic Cannon.
Stanard Ship Accompany:  5 squads (50 ships) of Mako ArrowWings
Standard Cost per ship: 225,000 Centillion
Weak Point:The ships like every ship in the game has a weakspot, It is in the Warp Core:  If you blow the engines, You kill the whole ship.
Other information:  Comes complete with Deluxe Luxury Set  :)     And if you act now, We will give you a free  Turnip Dicer Whatamahuzit

List of all officers this Year
These are the current list of moves that the officers have right now.  I hope that you find them interesting, Since most of the officers last names and  the new officers have been listed.. I would keep a copy of this list if I were you.

Officer Name                              Special Move
Admiral Michael O'Con                         All Destruction
Admiral Mitano Hojo                              Synthesization Replication
Admiral Cid Highwind                         Highwind Death Charge (Require the Highwind)
Admiral Cloud Strife                              OmniSlash
Admiral RedXIII                                   Cosmo Memory
Admiral SotoVII                                   Ultima Clash
Admiral Rufus ShinRa                         Sister Ray Matra (Requires the Sister Ray)
Admiral Scarlet Hetinburg                         DeathStar
Admiral Vincent Valentine                         FlareStar
Admiral Sephiroth Synthesis               Fallen Heaven/Fallen Angel
Admiral Heindburg Steffer                         Mako Blast
Admiral Johnathan Mako                         Mako Slam
Turk Rude                                        ElectroSpecter
Turk Elena                                        QuadraSlam
Turk Yuffie                                        Blitz 4
Turk Reno                                        Reno Klash
Turk MiotoIII                                   BioBlast

Featured Ship
This is the Featured Ship of the Week

The HighWind
Power:  4,030,000 GigaWatts
Shield Power:  201904 GhZ (Immunity 3, Bambos2, Defensive2, Regular 1,2)
Weapons: ON BOARD SISTER RAY AND MAKO CANNON!, (Mako Bombs, Mako Blasters, Nutron Torpedos, Final Genisis2, Final Gensis3, Final Genisis 4, Statistco, PhaserIII, Phanton Torpedos, Cloaked 3 Torpedos, Vortex torpedos, Chrono Torpedos)   

That is the end of this newsletter.. Enjoy and see you in school.  (((((BTW CURTIS!  FWD this to Phoung.  I don't have his Email Address.))))