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Speedy Cerviche
"You're no uncle of mine, you scuzzy scavenger!"

  Speedy Cerviche's the leader of the bunch.   He's wacky, he's silly, and at times can be downright annoying; however, this little feline has enough power in his Ginzu sword to tear the robots and Bad Bird apart.  He will do whatever it takes to keep the idiotic Big Cheese from capturing the city.

  Speedy oftens competes with his partner Guido for the attention of a local girl, Lucille.  Normally, this greatly annoys their comrade Polly, not to mention their boss, Francine.  The result is usually extreme pain for anyone involved: either from Polly's frying pan, or Lucille's missiles.  None of this deters Speedy, however; he keeps this up throughout most of the series.

  Our favorite hero also has a lasting rivalry with Bad Bird.  All throughout the series, BB seeks a way to defeat his feline foe; he comes close a few times, but never succeeds.  You know why?  Because Speedy's a Pizza Cat, and because he's funny.  What's that have to do with winning?  Not much, but in the face of danger, it always helps to have a sense of humor.