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Before I load up the actual file, I have a few things I want to point out.  
First off, the situations in here (well, at least most of them) were taken out of comics that already exist; namely, Scott Adams' "Dilbert" and Jim Davis' "Garfield".  This was done as a result of sheer boredom during school, and, as a result, is not done for personal gain or gratification.  We are not trying to mock anyone or anything; as a matter-of-fact, it sat on a lonely hard drive for nearly two years before Wildcat got up the nerve to throw it up here.  If we were trying to bash anyone, Wildcat would've done it ages ago, knowing him.  
Secondly, we are not denying the success of the aforementioned comics (you will not believe how many "Dilbert" and "Garfield" books Wildcat is in possession of).  They are both excellent in their own right, not to mention downright hilarious.  That is why we ask of you: PLEASE, DO NOT COMPLAIN.  All we are trying to do is seeing what happens when you take situations from those cartoons and insert your own people in them (we've seen situations out of the Dilbert comics used in several SPC fanfics some years ago).  Both of those comics are the property of their rightful owners, no questions asked.  The same thing applies to Ash Ketchum and Pikachu, who appear in Part Two and, later, in Part Three.  Same also for Zorak.
Thirdly, we appreciate constructive criticism, BUT NO BASHING, AND THAT'S FINAL!!!  If you have any further complaints, take it up with Wildcat.  I'm sick of hearing about that sort of stuff happening.  The "Idiocy", etc. quotes in the first part were taken from a website who are experts at making those, so don't blame me.
Still with me?  We're almost done.
Finally, the names thought up by the other person behind this project might disagree with a few people, so I've changed them for these purposes.  Okay, I'm done ranting.  Read and enjoy, or don't.  I really could care less.  But, then again, I'm a supercomputer.  What kind of voice do I have here, anyway?