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Guido Anchovy
"Outrun a missile!?  Come on, get real, will ya?!"

   Guido Anchovy is the suave, ladies' cat of the group.  He likes all girls, with the exception of Princess Vi, Polly, and Francine.  Also, he will stop at nothing to get in the way of Speedy when it comes to trying to score with Lucille, leading to many hilarious moments throughout the series.  He often feels left out of things, and this can depress him sometimes.
   In battle, he carries a "Sunspot Umbrella": this means he can shoot solar beams and alter enemy Crow minds temporarily.  The Umbrella is made of iron, allowing Guido to block any small, pointy objects tossed at him by the opposition.  His unnamed finisher nearly puts him on a line with Speedy, letting him toast enemy robots when the situation calls for it.
   Guido hates easy-listening music and rap, and also dishes out insults from time to time at his cohorts.  He does a pretty fair job as a delivery boy for the Pizza Cats, although he takes time out from his schedule to nail Speedy sometimes.  Whenever the Supreme Catatonic is summoned, he and Polly take the controls in order to stop the other side from winning.