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Polly Esther
"I'm mad!  I won't put up with anyone as ugly as you messing with me!"

   Look at that cute, innocent face.  You'd think that anyone with this face would have a charming personality.  However, you don't know Polly's true personality until you know this fact: when she gets mad......


  We could show a dozen more pics of how furious she gets if we wanted to, but for convenience, we won't.  However, her anger isn't her only feature.  If treated with the respect that Speedy and Guido don't give her, she treats the other person with respect in return.  Physically, she is quite strong----quite capable of tearing several tons of steel off one of the Big Cheese's mechanical nuisances.

   In battle, Polly often lets her emotions take charge.  She carries heart-shaped darts with her that pass as either shruiken or bombs.  Although she only has one sword, she can use it in conjunction with a certain musical instrument to launch timely finishing attacks.  While the Cats are on the attack, she tolerates no nonsense from her teammates, just like at the parlor.  

   Although she usually thinks of Speedy as a twit and nails him when he goes after Lucille, she secretly fears for his safety whenever he's in trouble.  From time to time, she shows that she has some of the qualities of a "sterotypical" female, including joining a modeling school in order to appear more female-like; usually, though, her OTHER side takes charge (and can lead to someone getting smacked in the face with a frying pan).  Her aforementioned musical instrument that she safeguards is a flute, given to her by a lost love and supposedly autographed by Garfield, the famous lasagna-scarfing fuzzball.