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Francine (Manx)
"He's short, fat, and ugly, but he's rich!"

   Francine (with the last name "Manx" coined by one of the SPC die-hards) is the boss and manager of the Pizza Cat Pizza operation.  She makes sure the others are hard at work at their jobs, although she tends to be sort of a slacker while the Cats are out on a mission.  Whenever the Cats place a distress call to her via the Emergency Cat Bell, she's the one that contacts one of the Rescue Team members to alert them of the situation.

   Like the other females in "SPC", she gets upset very easily, although she does a better job of holding it in than, say, Princess Violet.  She's extremely obsessed with money, and is always looking for a fast and easy way of earning it.  She must've also had high marks in her English class, because she's quite fluent at rhyming.  She takes it and incorporates it into the speeches that she gives each time she launches the Cats out of the cannon.

  Ah, yes, one more thing: she could use some target practice.  Almost each time she shoots the Cats out of the clock tower turned cannon, she winds up shooting them either into the ground or into a wall!  Quite sad, really.  And, going back to the earlier comment about money, she constantly comes up with the wrong ideas at the wrong time.