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Bad Artwork
See, we don't need a main picture for this part of Headquarters, because the lousy (and some not so lousy) art in here makes up for it.  More will be on the way soon.  You ready?  Let's go.  
starry.jpg ---- This is a picture of Aldonza, Curtis Wildcat, and myself playing a networked game of Starcraft in one of the HQ's computer rooms.  Note the different attitudes we take toward the situation: Aldonza whines, Curtis rubs it in, and I retaliate. Zapana's grade: 9
clawshu.jpg ---- You like Washu.  Tell me you like Washu.  Keep in mind: this is not Washu.  This is a feline dopple of Washu that exists in an anime on the Swat Kats' homeworld.  And oddly enough, she'll be making a permenant appearance in Wildcat's main MSTing storyline sooner than you think.  She may look nice standing there on the street, but be sure you don't get on her bad side.  Zapana's grade: 7