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Beating the Legends
Alright.  Here goes nothing.  If you don't want to read all this online, then I suggest you save this to your hard drive and look at it later.

Mew.  Mewtwo.  Lugia.  Ho-oh.  Celebi.  The mystical beasts and birds.  These are, arguibly, the strongest Pokemon in both series put together.  Winning with them?  That's one thing.  But BEATING them?  That's another story.  Here some descriptions of the individual legendary Pokemon, listed alphabetically, and how to both use them properly and beat them properly.  These will be considered as if they were all on the same cartridge (Silver/Gold or Crystal).

Note: Beware the use of the words ESPECIALLY and VERY.  Also, I know I forgot to put information for Suicune in here; I'll do that as soon as I can, okay?


Type: Ice/Flying
Comments: A decent choice, if you don't mind the bad typing.  What really annoys me is that Articuno can't learn the Surf HM. **growls**  Found inside the Seafoam Islands in the original 3 cartridges, Blue/Red/Yellow, and starts out with Peck and Ice Beam.

How to use: Considering Articuno's typing, I would suggest the following moves: Bubblebeam, Ice Beam, Sky Attack, Reflect, and attach either the Mystic Water item or the Bright Powder item.  Move descriptions as follows:
Bubblebeam ---- Acts as the go-between with Water Gun and the Waterfall HM (which Suicune can learn, blast it).  Can even reduce enemy speed on occasion; and besides, you need SOMETHING to take down those annoying fire-types. (The Ninetales that Gary had in Yellow was a major troublemaker.)
Ice Beam ---- This move comes in handy quite often, especially against fliers and rockers.  I especially love the freezing capabilities here.
Sky Attack ---- Falling victim to fighter-types armed with Rock Slide and plants with electric-typed Hidden Power?  This move offers instant demolition.  It nearly has the power of Hyper Beam, with one difference: it can be type-effective. **snicker**  Just hope you've prepared for the one-turn chargeup by using the next move.....
Reflect ---- Provides a little extra armor for Articuno for the first 4-5 turns, giving you the perfect cover to use Sky Attack.

As for the items, Mystic Water powers up Bubblebeam a notch or two; however, Bright Powder does a much better job.  Bright Powder's evasion plus Reflect's defense plus Sky Attack = Instant Knockout.


1.  The first hint to defeat a Legendary: BE PREPARED FOR ANYTHING.  Tyranitar would make a good choice to waste Articuno, especially if Ancientpower kicks in.  Still, even WITHOUT Ancientpower, it can survive Bubblebeam and Ice Beam, no problem (I should know; the first time I took mine against Red, it survived 3 Surfs from his Blastoise).

2.  You can use a Rock-type equipped with Rock Slide; however, if you don't want to risk Articuno's 2 major moves, I would suggest using Lapras, Lantern, or Raichu, with either of the three equipped with Quick Claw.  Equip with Thunderbolt or the Thunder/Rain Dance combo, then proceed to blast Articuno into tomorrow.  Just watch out for the instant freeze, and you'll be okay.

3.  There's always the option of using Machamp or Primeape equipped with Rock Slide, but where's the fun in that?  Oh, well.  To each his own.


Type: Grass/Psychic
Comments: Just forget about heading to the fair for this guy; get yourself a Gameshark and the right codes, and you've got yourself a major damage proprietor.  I love his typing, too; if you hate the 3 Vs of G/P (Grass/Poison; Vileplume, Venusaur, Victreebel), then you'll love the OTHER G/P.

How to use: Give the little guy Recover, Psychic, Giga Drain, and Baton Pass, with either MysteryBerry or MiracleBerry attached.  Here's the breakdown:

Recover ---- Duhhhh.....if you don't know what Recover does for a Psychic, I feel sorry for you.  1/2 of total HP is restored each time it's used.
Psychic ---- This is what gives Celebi the advantage over the 3 Vs.  This move can knock them all flat in 1-2 hits, provided it survives the poison.
Giga Drain ---- Celebi's part-Grass, right?  Well, if you would rather deal damage at the same time (especially to grounders and rockers) than just recover HP, would better move would you pick than Giga Drain?
Baton Pass ---- Good thing Celebi can learn this.  If a Pokemon you know for certain that you can't win against is up against you, you can switch over to another team member quickly.

Items, items, lets see....MysteryBerry instantly restores Giga Drain on the rare occasions that you use it all up, and MiracleBerry keeps you active if poison makes you sick on the first turn.  Of the two, I'd probably go with MiracleBerry.


1. Grass is weak to bug.  Psychic is weak to bug.  Getting my drift?  Break out Fury Cutter and Megahorn; we're going Celebi hunting.

2.  Do not use ghost-types against Celebi; he probably wouldn't have any problems knocking them flat with Psychic, and he would last a lot longer.  If you absolutely MUST use a ghost move, I would go with the Shadow Ball TM on one of a dozen different Pokemon.  Again, quickly.

3.  One Pokemon: Houndoom.  Houndy learns both Crunch and Flamethrower, and Arcanine can do likewise if you breed it; plus, they both have good speed.  Either way, Celebi's toast.

Type: Fire
Comments: This is one of those annoying beasts in G-S-C that, if I recall correctly, took Wildcat a week to catch.  He is one of the three Fire-types in the game that are capable of learning Solar Beam, and makes a great all-purpose Pokemon.

How to use: Fire Blast, Sunny Day, Solarbeam, Roar.  Why Roar?  You'll see.  As for items, I'd use either Leftovers or the ever wondrous MiracleBerry.  Move breakdown:

Fire Blast --- The strongest Fire move in the game, although it's less accurate than the Sacred Fire that Ho-Oh totes around.  Oh, well.  At least it's more accurate than Blizzard.
Sunny Day --- Not only does it give Fire Blast an attack boost, it also does something VERY special for the next move.....
Solarbeam --- Use Sunny Day first, then wallop away with Solarbeam.  It becomes VERY potent when turned into a one-turn move.
Roar --- Tyranitar or Quagsire got you cornered?  RRARRRRRAGH!  The other Pokemon attacks first, but Entei scares them away the next so that (hopefully) you'll face a weaker attacker.

Of the two chosen items, I reccomend Leftovers.  You'll need it to help restore your HP, ESPECIALLY if you're using Roar.


1.  The most obvious way is with a good ground-type or water-type.  Just be sure that they're speedy enough to escape Solarbeam.

2.  Possibly the best combination in the game: Poliwrath's Mind Reader + Fissure.  He's the only Pokemon, as far as I'm aware, that can do this.  Now, if only Mew could learn Mind Reader, he'd be completely unstoppable.

3.  Entei's Special Defense is lower than some may think.  In other words, any special type besides grass should be able to wipe him out pretty quickly.

Type: Fire/Flying
Comments: Found in the Tin Tower in the G-S-C, this bird gets instant power if you snag him.  This guy can also learn Solarbeam, along with a few other good extras.  Beginning moveset depends on which game you catch him in.

How to use: Solarbeam, Sacred Fire, Earthquake, Sunny Day, with the Scope Lens or Bright Powder attached.  Move breakdown is:

Solarbeam --- This move coming out of a Pokemon that's both a Fire-type AND a Flying-type?  Major.
Sacred Fire --- This move isn't the most powerful on the fire chart, but it's more accurate than Fire Blast.  I'd pick this over Fire Blast any day if I had a choice.
Earthquake --- Electrics are toast when they feel the wrath of Earthquake.
Sunny Day --- This move ups Sacred Fire and powers up Solarbeam.  What more can you ask for in a Pokemon?

Of the two selected items, try the Scope Lens, which ups the Critical Hit ratio a little.  This way, you can wipe out teams faster than they can say Jackie Robinson if the game wants to.

Extra moveset: Ancientpower, Thunderbolt, Recover, Flamethrower


1. If you're not afraid of Sunny Day, bring in a super-strong water type.  Ditch Surf, however; use Hydro Pump and the Mystic Water item if you want to get past the Sunny Day effect.  Example: Blastoise.

2.  Unleash the fighters!  The fighting-types have plenty of attack power, and my two favorites (Machamp and Primeape) can learn Rock Slide, to boot!  No rock-types, though; Solarbeam can waste them.

3.  In a word, Dragonite.  Ho-Oh's 3 most powerful moves lost their effectiveness against him, and will go down quickly to either Thunderbolt or Surf, regardless.

Type: Flying/Psychic
Comments: Found in the Whirl Islands in G-S-C.  This guy also means business, like his brother Ho-Oh; the opposition's strategies have just gone out the window.  Opening moveset depends on which game you catch him in.

How to use: Aeroblast, Recover, Earthquake, Surf; since Aeroblast and Earthquake can take care of the points that Electrics, Poisons, and Fighters occupy, Psychic is out of the question.  Attach either Bright Powder or King's Rock.

Aeroblast --- Fighters won't last long when they get rocked by this attack.  This is probably a better option than Sky Attack; it has a lot of power, and uses only one turn.
Recover --- See Celebi.
Earthquake --- Like Ho-Oh, Lugia blasts Electrics with a ground-shaking message.
Surf --- Since some Pokemon may have Defense higher than Special Defense, consider this move carefully.

The Bright Powder increases Lugia's evasiveness slightly, but the King's Rock adds a slight flinch rate to Lugia's 3 attacks.  Take your pick.

Extra moveset: Ancientpower, Aeroblast, Psychic, Recover


1.  Again, go with your old friend Dragonite.  Unless you know for certain that your opponent's Lugia knows an ice move, go all-out with Thunderbolt and Ice Beam.

2.  Since Lugia's part-psychic, let loose with Shadow Ball.

3.  Use another Psychic.  Starmie with Thunderbolt is a good pick, as is Slowbro or Slowking with an Electric or Dark Hidden Power.  Don't use Houndoom; although Crunch can hurt Lugia, what if you get hit with an Earthquake?

Type: Psychic
Comments: Got to love that Gameshark.  Mew can learn every TM and HM in either game, plus the 3 moves from that guy outside the Game Corner in Crystal's Goldenrod.  Unless you know what he has, Mew's deadly.

How to use: The Mew belonging to a certain friend of Wildcat's back in Michigan knows Psychic, Softboiled, Fissure, and Metronome, which has caused the ol' calico to lose his temper on more than one occasion (especially Fissure; it's more accurate than it seems).  That's just one good arrangement; the one I suggest is also pretty good:  Earthquake, Surf, Psychic, Thunder Wave.  Attach either Leftovers or Quick Claw.

Earthquake --- Fire-types and the majority of bug-types (that have poison) are toast.  Houndoom and Tyranitar are easy pickings, as well.
Surf --- Teach those rock-types who's the Master.
Psychic --- Mew just wouldn't be complete without its trademark attack.  What else is there to say?
Thunder Wave --- Paralyze whatever can't be hurt by Surf, then whack him with your other moves.

There ARE Pokemon faster than Mew.  Quick Claw will give him a slight edge when he needs it.  Leftovers can help, too, since Mew just might need it if he's up against a dark-type.

Extra moveset: Psychic, Rest, Sleep Talk, Horn Drill


1. Again, go with a speedy Psychic, such as Mr. Mime or Espeon.  If they're Sword Dance-Baton Passed and/or equipped with a Dark or Bug-type Hidden Power, so much the better.

2. Bring out a Pokemon with Ancientpower and Leftovers and hope it kicks into gear.

3. A nice tactic is to use Confuse Ray, then either Thunder Wave or Toxic.  The only way I can think of Mew overcoming this is if he uses Metronome and it comes up with Heal Bell.  Other than that, well.....

4. Remember Shadow Ball?

Type: Phychic
Description: The super-clone powerhouse of Pokemon resides in the Unknown Dungeon in the original games.  Some people don't like him because he's cheap, but so what?  If you want to win, you have to settle with the best and nothing less.  Wildcat likes using this guy to a T.

How to use: He can use a wide variety of moves, although his lineup isn't as diverse as Mew's (if it was, then Mewtwo would truly be unstoppable).  Try Psychic, Submission, Recover, and either Thunderbolt, Ice Beam, or Metronome (let's try Metronome).  Attach Leftovers or MiracleBerry.

Psychic --- Considering Mewtwo's Special Attack is the highest in the game, he deserves to have this.
Submission --- Do those dark-types a favor and push them out of the way with this attack.
Recover --- See Celebi.
Metronome --- When you least expect it to, it comes up with something good.  Wildcat saw this happen when he got his Tyranitar smacked with Guillotine.

Extra moveset: Psychic, Ice Beam, Recover, Amnesia.  Why Amnesia?  To protect from Crunch, that's why.

Leftovers acts as a helper to Recover. (Redundant, sme-dundant.)  MiracleBerry takes care of status conditions; having a paralyzed Mewtwo is a REALLY bad thing.  Try MiracleBerry.

Another extra moveset: Psychic, Submission, Rest, Barrier.  Thanks to the guy who sent me this.  I forget what his name is, though; and if it was you, sorry.  I guess some movesets work better for some people and not so well with others.


1. Um....did I already say "Shadow Ball"?  Mewtwo's defense is pretty good for a psychic, but not as high as some would like.

2. Use another phychic, preferably a pure Psychic such as Espeon (who can learn Bite before evolving) or Hypno.  Another option is to go with Sleep + Nightmare + Good Support Move, a.k.a. Jynx or Noctowl (Yes, Noctowl.  Get off me).

3. In the Yellow version, Jolteon's Pin Pissile was very annoying.  Catch a drift, here?  Use a nice bug move.  It'll be interesting to see how a Dragonite with the right move does against Mewtwo.

4. Here's one more that drives Wildcat crazy: if you have a nice fire-type with high Special Attack, use the combo of Sunny Day + Fire Blast.  Anyone want their psychic char-broiled?  For more info, see below.

Type: Fire/Flying
Description: The Legendary Bird of RBY that makes his hideaway inside Victory Road.  Doesn't learn the greatest series of moves naturally, but they'll do.  Starts with Peck and Fire Spin (Game Freak, why Fire Spin and not Ember?  At least Ember's accurate!).

How to use: Sunny Day, Fire Blast, Sky Attack, Reflect.  Attach either Miracle Berry or Bright Powder.

Sunny Day ---- Boosts Fire Blast for the strongest damage potential in the game.  It hurts.  Badly.
Fire Blast ---- See Entei.  Prepare for major pain.
Sky Attack ---- Has a stronger attack potential over two turns than Wing Attack.  If you can't learn Drill Peck, you take what you can get.
Reflect ---- This assists Moltres against it's main weakness, which I'll detail in a few minutes.

Give Miracle Berry to Moltres; NEVER let a Pokemon with high-power SP Attack get statused.  As for the Bright Powder, see Articuno.


1. Watch out for falling rocks.  If you unleash Rock Slide or Ancientpower against Moltres, you'll put his flames out for good.  Rollout works well, too, because it can do heavy damage if it survives to face the next opponent in line.

2. The Heavy Flamer easily gets doused by the likes of Blastoise and Feraligatr.  Get my point?

3. Raichu is in his element, here.  If Sunny Day puts out his capability to Surf, then let his full array of electric attacks loose on Molty before Fire Blast chars you to a well-done crisp.

Type: Electric
Description: I'm not really sure what to say.  It can't learn Thunder Wave, but it has a nice attack variety.  Of the three beasts, this was probably the hardest for me to catch.

How to use: Rain Dance, Thunder, Crunch, Hidden Power *ICE*.  Attach MiracleBerry or Dark Glasses.

Rain Dance ---- The first step in making Thunder one of the most potent moves in the game.
Thunder ---- Thanks to Rain Dance, you've got 100% accuracy for the next 4 turns, as well as possible paralyzation.  Sweet!
Crunch ---- As far as I'm aware, the only one of the mystical beasts that can learn this.  Gives psychics a hard way to go.
Hidden Power *ICE* ---  Knock on door.  Walk in.  Say "hi" to Sandslash.  Accept complimentary snack.  Then unleash Ice Age.

MiracleBerry protects Raikou from status conditions for one turn.  Dark Glasses ups Raikou's Crunch attack slightly.  Whichever; you pick, although I went with Dark Glasses.

Extra moveset --- Thunderbolt, Roar, Mud-Slap, Reflect.  Annoyance.


1. Humor me for a moment, and sic the fighters with Earthquake on him.  It's quick, it's painless, and it's cheap.  Just like me.

2. For a quick and efficient victory, use Tyranitar.  Raikou's electric and HP Ice attacks do some damage, but not double.

3. Just about any quick, strong Pokemon with a ground-type Hidden Power will short-circuit Raikou; and sometimes, they don't even have to be quick.  Take the example of a Flareon with that move; ooh, it's gotta hurt.

Type: Flying/Electric
Description: Evil.  Pure evil.  If you want the full-fledged potential of a Thunderbolt, you've got it right here.  Found in the Power Plant in RBY, and starts with Thundershock and Drill Peck.

How to use: Thunderbolt, Thunder Wave, Drill Peck, Hidden Power *ICE*.  Attach Leftovers or Scope Lens.

Thunderbolt --- Your stereotypical electric attack, usually associated with Pikachu but now also associated with Zapdos.
Thunder Wave --- Paralyze first, fast, and hard.  If they have Miracle Berry, do it again.  Don't let that stop you.
Drill Peck --- All those fighting-types with Rock Slide will have to hope Scope Lens doesn't kick in, or they'll be flatter than a pancake.
Hidden Power *ICE* --- See Raikou.

Leftovers keeps Zapdos alive ---barely--- against rock-typing, of which it has a major weakness.  Scope Lens ups the Critical Hit factor on Zappy's moveset.  Take your pick.

Extra Moveset -- Rain Dance, Thunder, Thunder Wave, Reflect.  Be sure to switch against ground-types.


1. Rockers and grounders with Rock Slide or Rollout can do some major damage to Zapdos.  Unless his Hidden Power is a type that rock's weak against, he's utterly defenseless.

2. Ice moves are pretty good, although you'll have to avoid using water types, ice types, or even a combination of the two.  Try using Dragonite or Tyranitar (yes, Tyranitar can learn Ice Beam from that guy in Crystal).

3. Use the Thunder Wave plus Confuse Ray tactic I mentioned earlier before throwing what you have at it.

If anyone has any suggestions, send them to Wildcat at and I'll post them here.  Extra movesets so far are courtesy of myself, with the exception of the extra Mewtwo set.