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Zapana Zquor
"Wildcat, you're so fat you need an elevator just to walk up the stairs."
Age: 25
Species: Grey timber wolf
Gender: Female
Height/weight: 5'11, 136 lb.
Hobbies: Exercising, hanging out with Aldonza
Occupation: Theater usher, music vocalist
Theme song: "What Have I Done to Deserve This" -- Pet Shop Boys
Abilities: Hyperspeed, fire manipulation, 20/1 vision, long-distance hearing
Favorite TV shows: Gundam Wing, Big O, Gargoyles, The Weakest Link

While Zapana IS a member of S.I.D., she plays the role of the loose cannon.  This timber wolf of Japanese origin has an explosive temper, although she hides it well via her friendship with Aldonza.  However, most of her personality hinges on the fact that she was traumatized quite often as a pup.  When she was 2 years old, she was kidnapped from the pack by an explosive black wolf who made his residence inside an active volcano.  She escaped a year later by caving in the volcano, but his influence resurfaced in 1995 when her parents died.  From that point on, she become dangerously volatile and will unleash her anger on anyone who offends her, friend or foe alike. This behavior simmered down somewhat after her victory against her former master, but she's still rather sarcastic to everyone she talks to.
Zapana first met Aldonza while the Super-Cats subgroup the latter was working for was investigating thefts from a Washington museum, and her jealousy led to a bitter relationship for the next decade.  After joining a music group as a vocalist (in 1996), hooking up with S.I.D. in 1994 and hearing out what Aldonza had to say, Zapana finally admitted that the constant fighting against her just wasn't worth it.  Now, thanks to the friendship that has formed between them, they will protect each other's fur when the situation is on the line.
Aldonza, Lucille, and Curtis are the only ones she gets along with (although she likes to taunt Curtis whenever she gets the chance).  Everyone else she simply tolerates until she's 100% positive as to what their intentions are.  In case she doesn't have anything to do while Aldonza and the others are busy, she starts listening to a huge music collection that she has accumulated; it mostly contains dance hits from the 1970s and 1980s, but also has a few from the 90s, as well.
Zapana's main goal of overcoming her former master's powers has been achieved. 

Simply because she likes giant mecha anime, she's thinking about constructing models of the Big O and virtually every Gundam ever imagined. Her nickname, 'Zipflash', was given to her by a relative.

PROS: Very adaptable; is a fairly decent artist

CONS: Has autophobia (fear of being alone); doesn't like spiders either, especially tarantulas

FACTOIDS: Always greets Curtis with: "Hello, fatso"; sometimes works as a disc jockey; is rarely ever seen outside her workplace without Aldonza around