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General Catton
"What'll it be?  You give up, or do I bomb you back into the Stone Age?"

General Catton (a pun on the name of the famous WWII general, Patton) is the leader of the SPC's backup squad, the Rescue Team.  Each of the four Rescue Team members symbolizes a different natural element; in his case, it's fire.  He can launch deadly volleys of either cannonballs or lasers from the twin cannons on his shoulders, and he's helped to wreck more than one robot in this fashion.  He's a munitions expert, as well as a part-time interior decorator.
Whenever the Pizza Cats are in trouble, Speedy sends a ring via the cat bell around his neck to Francine.  Francine then proceeds to send a message to whatever Rescue Team members fit the bill for that situation.  I suppose in the case of Catton, they ask for him in very "huge" situations.