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Spritz T. Cat
"No more playing second fiddle for us.  Our time has come!"

The third Rescue Team member, the one filling the elemental role of water, is Spritz T. Cat.  The "T." stands for "the".  Using his tail, he can drain the water out of nearby lakes and streams and shoot it out the two blasters that are attached to his arms, and can fire without the need of large bodies of water later on in the series.  Besides the fact that he has great endurance and a strong countenance (how many cats do you know can swim through a sewer without needing to hold their nose?), not a lot of details are known about Spritz at this time.
The Rescue Team can form interesting pieces of artillery from their backpacks.  The combination of General Catton and Spritz's backpacks forms the "Water Machine Guns."