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Thunderball Visello

"The last person to yell at me without getting hurt?  I's been 16 years."
Age: 53
Species: Unknown.  Rumored to be some sort of mutant.
Gender: Male
Height/weight: 6'4, 172 lb.
Hobbies: Anything Batman related
Occupation: Newspaper columnist
Favorite song: Anything Bach-oriented
Special Abilities: Hyperspeed, complete natural control, master of thunder and lightning, Tri-form, various others

Thunderball is a battle-scarred veteran of the crime-fighting scene; blame it on his extremely sensitive hearing.  If it weren't for him getting mad at all the noise going on around him, he wouldn't be a crime-fighter.

It all started calmly enough, decades ago.  An already-mutated cat with purple fur and dorsal spikes was heading off to be by himself when a vicious storm broke out over his home community.  He got too close to a tree that got struck by a lightning bolt.  He would've gotten jolted pretty badly, too; however, the spikes on his back absorbed the full amount of voltage.  Once he recovered from the initial jolt, he stretched his muscles and inadvertantly fried a nearby garbage disposal with a lightning bolt.

Wishing to learn more about his newly-acquired strengths, he spent the next year by himself, which is how he got his distaste for personal company.  Deciding to put his power to good use, he travelled throughout the continent as the "Freelance Devestator".  After being challenged numerous times and defeating countless enemies (as well as saving his home continent from destroyed), he chanced upon the dimensional portal to Earth; he entered through, hoping to get some peace.  He discovered quickly, however, that he was not going to get the peace he wanted easily.

Thunderball answered Wildcat's call to join the Super-Cats, but abandoned S.I.D. due "to noise" when the Animal Legion of Doom blew Michigan's Mansion to oblivion.  He has earned his money by becoming a part-time newspaper columnist for a paper in California ever since and has even tried to regain his peace by scattering the Super-Cats and Pizza Cats throughout existing dimensions, although that has not worked.  He has also tried learning various attacks and defenses to keep people off his case; although he has learned techniques such as the Hiryu Shoten Ha and the Tri-Form techniques, this hasn't helped him much either.

Thunderball is, next to Curtis, the most powerful individual on the planet.  We have agreed to give him his peace and quiet by fighting crime in secret as best we can; we suggest you leave him alone, as well.  An obsession with Batman (involving the collection of all movies, television episodes, and video games related to him on the planet) is the only thing that can keep him entertained; he doesn't need extras.

It took $10,000 and a blueberry pie in the shape of the Caped Crusader to convince Thunderball to contribute towards the construction of S.I.D. HQ.