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Land of a Hundred Morons
I'm still in high school, you know.  That's right: the big coal mine that calls itself a building of education.  Those who consider high school the best times of their lives haven't seen and dealt what I've had to deal with.
I have a totally different viewpoint on life than the other kids: I don't like going to parties, I don't like taking charge of projects and presentations, I despise profane language, and I don't like being around large groups of people.  A lot of the people in my classes don't understand ANY of this.  They're assuming that just because I'm a teenager like them that I must like the same things they do.  WRONG.  I am NOT a stereotypical teenager, you know.  I have my reasons for doing what I do, you know.  And why do I keep using the words "you know", even if you don't?  BECAUSE I CAN!
Several kids in my classes take this to the extreme.  They take every opportunity to drive me absolutely insane, saying complete nonsense, spouting enough swear words to fill a whole encyclopedia, and act like all-around pains in the neck.  They don't take "no" for an answer, they don't know when to shut up, and they will do everything it takes to push me over the edge, even if it means getting them suspended or expelled.
And I ask myself, "Why couldn't I have been home-schooled?"
I've jumped into the Pizza Cats and my own creations, the Super-Cats, in order to escape from my everyday life that is, to me, some kind of eternal nightmare.  It keeps me from losing my mind, and it helps me to vent some of my agression in ways I hadn't thought of a dozen years ago.  I can even channel my own personalities into my creations.  Thunderball, for instance, despises human company and prefers to be alone....much like me; and Zapana is the type that is friendly towards long as they don't do something to freak her out.
If any of you are in high school and you have high amounts of stress in your life due to rambunctious kids, let me just say you're not alone.  Put up with them the best you can, all the way to the end of your senior year.  Who knows; you may not have to run into them again.  And that, my friends, is something to look forward to.

Curtis R. Wildcat