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"I've never been so insulted in my entire life, you freak!"

Yeah, yeah.  I know Lucille is usually cheerful, charming, nice, and kind to all.  However, that's only when she's not mad.  Whenever her emotions get too high (ex. Like the time in "Underground, Underwater, Undercooked" when Bad Bird kept threatening her), the box on her head opens up and releases a barrage of highly explosive missiles.  Not a pleasant experience, especially if you're the one who gets hit by them.  They can get even more powerful depending on the situation; in the Japanese versions of the Comet episodes, it was her missiles that blasted Little Tokyo at the end, not the comet.  Major ouch.....too bad we couldn't see that in the dubbed version.
Speedy and Guido are often competing with each other over her; and, as a result, they are often the ones to get hit by the missiles.  Whenever the two of them aren't trying to win her over, she keeps a tea shop in operation.  To her credit, she has also joined Polly Esther to form the Pointless Sisters in a few episodes, and has the rare distinction of being one of the few characters in the show that Princess Vi hasn't threatened with exile (as evidenced by "Double Trouble for Princess Vi").  She also hates politics.