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Princess Violet
"It's utterly crummy being an 18-year-old burnout."

Yet another cute, innocent character.....not to mention 50% crazy----


Princess Violet, the closest member of the Royal Family to the word "sane", is still a bit touched in the head due to years of pampering by those in the Palace.  Therefore, as in the case with Polly Esther, don't be fooled by those innocent looks; Vi essentially transforms into a loose, spoiled cannon if she doesn't get what she wants.  She is well-known for sending both the citizens of Little Tokyo and inanimate objects to the isle of "punishment", Prisoner Island (which, although she doesn't know it, has been transformed into a paradise!).  

Vi doesn't like homework, a lot like most kids her age.  The only two people she hasn't threatened with exile are Lucille and her mom, Empress Frieda (who is even more crazy than Vi).  For crying out loud, she even exiled her own father once!  She has obsessions with several characters---Speedy and Bad Bird, to be precise, and she focuses on the latter throughout the second half of the series.  And, up to the point before the Comet episodes, she was completely unaware of the fact that the Big Cheese was constantly stealing money from the treasury.