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Empress Frieda
"What a good idea!  Sounds like he's all for it!"

Have you ever considered how close some parents are to their kids?  Empress Frieda is so close to Princess Vi that she launches explosives at her via a large bazooka!!  She only appears in two episodes throughout the series, counting a cameo in the final episode (and thank goodness for that).  She is supposed to be the ruler of Little Tokyo, but she's out of town quite often; and guess who the leadership is given to?  You guessed it; Princess Vi.  Let's be thankful that she's not in town more often; if she was, Little Tokyo would be damaged more by her bazooka than by Seymour Cheese's robots.
Frieda's the type of character that adds the right dose of humor to the show: the crazy kind, as evidenced by the fact that she fires missiles even when she's happy.  Be warned: if this is her "happy", you probably wouldn't like to see her upset.