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Underground, Underwater, Undercooked
Operation: Underground, Underwater, Undercooked
Robot of the Day: Pick-axe robot, Spade robots
Destroyed by: Speedy Cerviche --- Ginzu Sword

The episode starts with Speedy and Guido high-tailing it towards Lucille's tea shop.  Speedy manages to get ahead of Guido, and the two continue the chase, spouting bird jokes all the while ("Hey, that's a fowl!")  They reach the tea house, only to find that Lucille has left them a note that says: "Sorry.  Changed my mind; went shopping"; at least, according to Speedy.  Guido and Speedy complain that Lucille shouldn't have stood them up like that; and that the reason she has a clean mind is because she changes it so often.
Meanwhile, Lucille has boarded a subway train in order to give her credit cards a workout.  After the narrator asks why we're watching this show, the view switches to the Ninja Crows "borrowing" the train from it's engineer.  Bad Bird tells the subway's passengers that the train is under the control of the "Gorgonzola Gang", and that if any of them escape, none of them will be invited to his birthday party.  Could really care less, Bad Bird...
Anyway, a Ninja Crow up ahead changes the track, and the train rolls on through into a hidden passageway; Bad Bird's plan thus runs through "like clockwork".  
Later, at the pizza parlor, Polly comments on the missing train; but Speedy introduces the running gag for that episode: "What are we having for dinner tonight?"  After Polly chuckles about Speedy wanting to make the show funny, Guido rushes in and alerts the two to the fact that not only the train is gone, but Lucille is missing, too.  Speedy concludes that Lucille was on the missing subway.  Excellent deduction, Cerviche.  You'll be a regular "Dupin" yet. *
When newsletters instead of newspapers are printed,
it's a sign that the rainforests are disappearing.

The three of them make it into the subway and start their search.  Polly muses about the train's vanishing act; Speedy still doesn't know what he's having for dinner; and Guido fears that monsters will come after them.  No, really?  Deep in the hidden tunnel, Bad Bird informs the train's captives to start digging for something; the robots follow suit.  (Note the really cool music as they start to do so.)  "No talking, no complaining, and no smoking!"
In the Big Cheese's hideout, Jerry Atrick tells those who are listening that the Ninja Crows are making their way towards a treasure vault that belonged to one of the past emperors of the city.  The two of them talk a little bit about what they plan on doing with the stolen money, and the Big Cheese decides to return a book that's about to be overdue.  Hmmm.....a clue, maybe?
Back in the tunnel, while everyone is digging, one of the older miners loses something, and Lucille decides to help him out.  However, she mistakes his request for something else and finds the wrong thing, getting a nice yelling.  Bad Bird demands to know why Lucille isn't working, and she tells him: "Doctor's orders."  Bad Bird insults her by calling her a wimp; and, in the process, provokes Missile Explosion #1.  The Crows get toasted pretty bad, and the vibrations from the explosions break the model of the palace that Princess Vi was building.
Bad Bird pulls himself out of the rubble and says: "No more Mr. Nice Guy!"  Seconds later....Missile Explosion #2.  This time, one of the missiles flies out of the tunnel, catching the Pizza Cats' attention.  The three of them spot the hidden tunnel, thanks to Polly.  However, guess what would fly through but another incoming volatile flying object?  RUN AWAY!!!  As they dash off, however, the missile catches up with them and blasts them out of the subway.  The three of them then create 3 Pizza-Cat shaped craters outside the parlor.
(Commercial break)
Later, after recovering, the Pizza Cats announce that they're going to head to the subway and rescue Lucille.  TRANSFORMATION SEQUENCE!  Francine shoots them straight upward and down a manhole back into the subway.  Again, Mother and Junior comment on their departure (has anyone noticed how remarkably similar their voices sound, here?).
In the tunnel, Bad Bird again extracts himself from the rocks.  Lucille proves that she's helpful, but not exactly all there.  A Ninja Crow catches their attention and announces that the door to the vault was revealed by the last series of explosions.  Excited, Bad Bird rushes over to open the vault, while everyone else looks on.  The Ninja Crow leader opens the door, but doesn't see gold; only....GOLDFISH?!
The narrator goes on to explain that the emperor who created the vault had a particular taste for fish, and he passed a law that stated that only he could eat them.  After a while, the citizens of the city were forced to free the fish they kept as pets; but on a fishing trip, ol' Tunabreath was eaten instead of eating.  This resulted in the vault being sealed up. (Although how the fish survived this long, I don't know.)
Lucille demands that Bad Bird let her and the others go.  Request denied.  At this point, the Pizza Cats show up and make their entrance.  Lucille is happy to see them, but Bad Bird isn't....and he provokes Missile Explosion #3.  Once again, chaos ensues; and Princess Vi's model palace falls apart again.  Bad Bird decides to make his getaway.
(Commercial break)
The dance music kicks in again, those crazy robots start digging again, and Bad Bird and his crows are on their way out---or so it seems.  Back in the tunnel, which has apparently collapsed, the Cats learn that they're trapped inside.  Speedy puts a call through to Francine via the cat bell around his neck, and ol' Frannie then proceeds to dial up Meowzma, a member of the Rescue Team.  The cat blasts out of the giant hair dryer on top of his pizza parlor into the palace's moat, where he digs into where the cats are----and accidently floods the tunnel.
Meowzma: a one-cat construction team.

Bad Bird and the others are still trying to get out; although the narrator doesn't say anything about the music this time, he does say that Bad Bird won't be thirsty much longer.  He's actually right; the robots dig right back to where they were before, overwhelming everyone with a stream of water.  Once they get back on their feet, the Crows launch an all-out attack.  Bad move; the Cats systematically trash them all within the minute, as usual.
Meowzma spins around, generating a cyclone that vacuums the Crows out of the tunnel.  Speedy wages war with the robots and eventually destroys them, using the attack that would stop anything, including but not limited to the toughest steel, the hardest cement, and Barbara Bush's hairspray.  And, once again, he says: "What's for dinner?"  A cat after my own heart.
Note the difference in moods, here.  Stop #1: The Big Cheese's Hideout.  When he finds out what happened, he stomps the book that told about the vault, turns red, and explodes.  Stop #2: The entrance to the subway tunnel.  People are celebrating as the Pizza Cats lead the ex-captives out of the tunnel.  It appears that Speedy hasn't yet given up on dinner plans, though....
* --- Dupin was a freelance detective created by Edgar Allen Poe.  Don't believe me?  Try stomaching "Murders in the Rue Morgue" sometime.