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Big Al Dente
I'm unable to load "BigAlDente.JPG" to the viewscreen, primarily because it isn't there.  Try your call again later, capeche?

"You have to fight evil; it's in your contract."

Big Al Dente is assumedly the chief of security in the palace.  Basically, what he does is protect the Princess and the Emperor while they're inside the Palace.  Since the Prime Minister Seymour Cheese outranks him by a wide margin, sometimes he can't always do this; therefore, he often has to call the Pizza Cats to do the job for him.  You sometimes have to feel sorry for him; because of the lunacy of Vi and Fred, he can't always perform his job to the best of his ability.
Al knows what the Big Cheese is up to most of the time; however, since the potato chip-brained robots he sends out are usually totaled by Speedy and the others, he can't exhibit the proof of the attacks to the Council.  Therefore, the people of Little Tokyo are basically in the dark about Seymour's motives until the final episode.
As is often the case in "Samurai Pizza Cats", even Al is subject to the wrath of a female; in this case, Francine and Princess Vi.  Vi because of her constant "Take him to Prisoner Islands", and Francine because she rants whenever the canine makes a mistake.