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Kittens of Chaos
Ha!  Didn't really think I'd keep you waiting THAT long, did I?  The story's been done for months!  That lazy cat finally picked himself up and got around to putting that stuff up here, but he took down the description of the story that he made me put here!   **growls**  Oh, well.  Can't be helped.  He probably figured that if you wanted the description, you can see it where it's fully uploaded on  
Ha.  Well, now, anyways.....Mu 2 here has the full text file on his hard drive.  Fire away, Mu 2!
K(o)C.txt  ----- 260K
However, now, you really wanted to see the whole thing one piece at a time, right?  Alright, I guess that's okay with us.  Just one thing: none of the music here was created by Wildcat.  They were created by various people, most of whom we've forgotten the names of.  Still, for the purposes of this little work, we've changed the names of some of them.  The ones we didn't change, or the ones that are actually classical music,  will be indicated with the little notes consisting of the original artist or composer.  As far as I know, the only exception to that is for the music associated with the 8th chapter, but we can't figure out the name to that one; so, we're replacing it until we can find out what it is.
All right, I'm done ranting.  Go on and start reading, or turn back and do something else.  Sound logical enough?

#                     CHAPTER TITLE                                                MUSIC
--                    Prologue                                                             --------
1                     City at Peace                                                     --------
2                     Rogue Warriors                                                  Chaos Kitten's Theme
3                     Tricks and Traps                                                Heart --- Pet Shop Boys
4                    Changes on the Horizon                                    Let's Go, Cats
5                    Of the Day's Annoyances                                  Bad Day on the Town
6                    Hero on the Run                                                 All That She Wants --- Ace of Base
7                    Short Trip                                                           City in Council --- Chopin
8                    Moon Rabbit Flies Sky-High                             Legend of Shape-Shifter
9                    Who's Got the Power?                                       Prepare for Trouble
10                  Eat Until Your Heart's Content                          Regaining of Lost Hope
11                   City Under Siege                                               Legion March
12                  Revival?....or, not?                                               Turkish March --- Wolfgang
13                  Gone Downhill                                                    Descent into Wildfire
14                  Do not Make a Super-Cat Angry                      Calm Before the Storm
15                  Incorporation                                                       New York Party
16                  Evil Duties Disrupted                                        Not the Best of Times
17                  Living Up to Their Name                                    A Cosmos Afternoon
18                  Little Tokyo Giants                                             As the Battle Rages
19                  Manhattan Blueprint                                          Korbi's Fortress
20                 The Meaning of Power                                        The Metal Grinds
21                  The Cat Gets the Cat                                           Lockdown Commencing
22                 Future of Town                                                      Peacefulness Restored
23                 Epilogue                                                                Closing Thoughts --- Chopin
Little creep.....
There.  It's all there.  For comments, send to  Don't bug me about it, okay?