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Wildcat of MiSTification
Hi.  My name's Ambush Cat, as you probably already figured out.  That's not important, though.  As we surf the Internet, we occasionally come across stories, both good and bad and just waiting to be "razzed", as I like putting it.  The end result is a "MSTing", a story or movie given the "Mystery Science Theater 3000" treatment.  They don't always have to have the original "MST3K" crew; self-made characters can do the job just as well sometimes.  Although a few are in progress, we also have a few ready for you right now.
First off, Wildcat takes his own "Covert Operations" series of SPC stories and begins hammering it.  Good to read if you didn't like the series to begin with, and we know for certain that there ARE people out there that would MST them if given half a chance.  Sad to say, though, if the stories are done without Wildcat's permission, there could should I say it....very bad problems.  We've decided to save you people the trouble, so don't scream.  I've got 18 claws, and I know how to use them.
#3 --- Black Flagged **postponed indefinitely**
Chosen razzers: Three female Super-Cats by the names of Brain Kitten, Dulcinea, and Sharpei (not the same Sharpei from "Space Quest 6", although the voice is similar).  Might include Zapana Zquor later.

No rest for the weary.  Immediately after "Time Bolt: The Crossover Nightmares" concludes, Curtis Wildcat gets zapped onto a deep-space satellite without any hope of returning to Earth.  He is being forced by a power-hungry scientist to watch movies until his sanity snaps and his brain overloads.  Sound familiar?
Note: DWP stands for "Done With Permission".  You'll be seeing these on all of them in this section.
#1 --- "The Blue Bomber" ---- original story by DragonShadow, DWP.
#2 --- "Rock and Roll" ---- original story by DragonShadow, DWP.
#3 --- "Technical Difficulties" ---- original story by Kristen Sharpe, DWP.
#4 --- "Nuke It!" ---- original story by Kristen Sharpe, DWP.
#5 --- "Shadows of the Past", Part One, Two, Three, Four, Five, Six, Seven, Eight, Nine ---- original story by M. H. Torringjan, DWP.
#6 --- ",crack//deflection", original story by DVGBA, DWP.
Chosen razzers: Curtis, "Tails" Prower, and Jake "Razor" Clawson.
Idea is a go.  You've got a disgruntled mazoku from the "Slayers" universe, a calico cat with a strange power, a proud Ctarl-Ctarl, and the smartest feline in the universe.  Shake well and mix with a century of bad movies and fanfiction, plus some cloning on the part of the razzers.  Guess what you get?
#1 --- "Hamsters In Love", Part One, Two, Three ----- original story by DVGBA, DWP.  Phibrizzo's two minions, the mazoku Kharlosa and Kurthish, "ease" Phibrizzo through his first fanfic but do a miserable job at it.
Chosen razzers: Phibrizzo, Curtis Wildcat Jr., and Clawshu Mewkubi.