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Breaking out of Vacation
Spring break.  Summer break.  Winter break.  For some reason, all these breaks make me hungry....especially considering it's vacationing that I'm talking about, not those little "Kit-Kats".  In one of my last editorials, I pointed out some of the things I have to go through at school.  It makes me thankful that the school system has some breaks in there every now and then, or else I'd be insane.

This leads to the topic of this story: what exactly is vacationing all about?  I talked to some of the people I know at school, and they've mentioned some of the places they went to during spring break.  Examples include Cancun, South Padre, and Texas: places down south, both in the country and out.  People go to games, dance, cruise around, and generally have a good time.  You don't need to go down south to take a break, however.

Take myself, for example.  As I typed this, I mused that I had a few of the best things my life had to offer.  The machine that contained this editorial before it went to my website downstairs in the basement has 50 Mhz, 4x CD-ROM, 200 Megabytes of Hard Drive space, 16 Meg of's simple, sweet, and best of all, it has "Windows 3.1".  I love it.  Games; MIDIs; my text files: I don't need to leave the state to have a good time.  YOU don't need to.  For crying out loud, you don't even need to leave the house!

That's just one way I can chill out when I'm home from school.  I can think of a few dozen others for people to do the same.  Go bowling, play baseball, watch a movie with friends, go through all your music CDs in one go....that's just to name a few, by the way.  There HAS to be something better to do than going to a foreign country and doing everything but killing yourself!  

If you HAVE to go out of state on vacation, then use common sense coupled with good moral judgement.  Be careful what you do and when you do it, because if something bad happens, then chances are your parents or your closest friends may not be able to help you.  KEEP SAFE WHILE HAVING FUN---I cannot stress this enough.  That's the best advice I can give, so from here on in it's all up to you.

Curtis R. Wildcat