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The New York Pizza Cats
"Is everyone in Little Tokyo weird, or just these guys?"

The New York Pizza Cats only appeared in two episodes (Mission in Manhattan, and a cameo in "The Big Comet Caper"), but they made it memorable.  These guys are, basically, the Samurai Pizza Cat's Manhattan counterparts.  Sundance is the leader, quick-drawing a six-shooter and taking great delight in being a half-inch taller than Speedy.  Cosmo is the equivalent of Guido, although I'm guessing he has more success with females; and he wields a nice saber.  Deedee uses a Kitty Whip---as well as cunning---to take down the Ninja Crows that B.C. brought into New York.  I'm guessing she doesn't have frequent spaz attacks like Polly does, though.
The New York that the NYPC inhabit has a lot of similarities to Little Tokyo.  There's the equivalent of Lucille (a machine-gun toting Lucinda), the equivalent of Emperor Fred (a foreign ambassador who makes a brief cameo), and even an equivalent of Princess Vi (although she isn't in the episode released for Canada, sad to say).  Abigail is there as the equivalent of Francine, and there's a wealth of the Big Cheese's relatives in town for the party (with explosive results at the end).  There's even a "Statue of Liberty" in the shape of a giant rabbit.  Of course, there's one big difference: everyone there is taller than the Little Tokyo gang.
I just thought I'd mention something real quick: why is it when everyone wants to come up with new heroes, New York is always the city to protect?  The NYPC, the Ninja Turtles, Spiderman, the Gargoyles....just what is next?  Anyways....