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Teasy Melika
"Good Knight, King Arthur."
Age: 20
Species: Bengal Tabby
Gender: Male
Height: 5'9
Weight: 143 lb.
Hobbies: Laser Tag, joking, plays some guitar
Occupation: Stand-up comedian; has a small role on the Little Tokyo sitcom, "Laughter, Medicine, and Cats"
Theme song: "Pure" -- The Lightning Seeds
Special Abilities: Superspeed, Rad-Class Aerodynamics
Favorite TV shows: Cosby, The Adventures of T-Rex, Mister Ed

Comments: Teasy Melika is the first Super-Cat in existence.  He escaped through the portal to Earth with his brothers in the mid-1980s, and then continued the fight against crime.  They were the first to join up with Wildcat when he first formed the Super-Cats.  After the Mansion got destroyed, Teasy Melika and his friend Ambush Cat vacated straight into Little Tokyo, waiting for the right moment to introduce themselves to the Samurai Pizza Cats and get some lunch.  That moment came when Teasy went into Los Angeles for a short vacation....and met up with Speedy, Guido, the crow formerly known as Bad Bird, and a somewhat upset Polly.  After assisting in the short fight against Quarter that followed, Teasy contacted the rest of his brothers and brought them into L.T.

Teasy was born into a high-class family.  His father Aby-dubious was the head boss at a large bank, and his mother Blackie worked at the same position in a small office supply store.  (I got those names from a pair of cats I once had.) Therefore, thanks to their large amounts of allowance money, they had lots of dough to spend on the Rad-Cats' high-tech weaponry.

S.I.D. Headquarters is midway in location between the Palace and Bat Cat's parlor, which means that Teasy can both make fun of the Council from a distance AND get a quick dinner. He currently does all the organizing work, and has a few gigs as a stand-up comedian at the local nightclubs.  He plays a hospitalized, "glass-is-half-full" patient on the sitcom mentioned at the top of the profile.  He is never short of puns, either, so don't let this guy get near you with a joke book.
Teasy's currently working on having a CD of his sketches released to the Little Tokyo public.  He's also gathering a small library of material used by some of the finest minds in comedy, such as Bob Newhart and Red Skelton.