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Anime Analysis

This is just a short analysis of some of the anime that I'm most familiar with.  This includes the general plot of the show and my personal comments on each one.  This'll give you a good idea of which way my interests go in.  These go in alphabetical order.

TITLE: Dragonball Z
PLOT: Through a series of sagas, the story of the Saiyan race is told and expanded on.  The first part of the show focuses on Goku, Piccolo, and Gohan as they train up to battle Vegeta and Nappa before they reach Earth.  The second part deals with the megalomanical galactic warlord Frieza---he is on the planet Namek, searching for the Dragon Balls so that the "whopper of a lizard", in Vegeta's words, would grant him immortality.  The last episode I saw was "Frieza's Boast"; beyond that, I don't know too much about the series.  Besides those episodes, I've only seen two of the Cell Saga episodes and the first part of the Majin Buu series that was dubbed in English, so I can't expand on the plot description (there was a period of time in which I didn't have cable).

FAVORITE SCENE: In the episode where the Grand Kai first appears, Goku seems to be a little overeager to meet the Grand Kai.  He repeatedly races down Snake Way, only to run backwards, literally, in order to get more information from King Kai.  "He would make great material....for my next standup routine!"

FAVORITE EPISODE: The episode where Goku powers up to full in order to show Jase and Captain Ginyu just who they're dealing with.  The music was a nice touch.

FAVORITE CHARACTER(S): Vegeta, Piccolo.  Piccolo's serious, a lot like myself; and Vegeta is always determined to make ends meet---whether it's fighting Goku or seeking the level of Super Saiyan.  On top of that, he just sounds cool.

TITLE: Outlaw Star
PLOT: I'm not too familiar with the show, since I only started watching it recently.  As far as I know, it deals with a pair of outlaws who are trying to pay off some debts and fighting off other outlaws and of now.

FAVORITE SCENE: In a space race, Jean decides to take the Outlaw Star through a dangerous etherstream in order to get to the top three racing positions.  "Have faith in me, guys; enjoy the ride.  You're in good hands!"

FAVORITE EPISODE: "Mortal Combat with the El Durado".  That feline alien sure has an overactive mouth gland, though; she just won't shut up. ^_^

FAVORITE CHARACTER(S): None as of yet.  I favor the Outlaw Star's computer system, though.

TITLE: Sailor Moon
PLOT: A crybaby (Sailor Moon), a genius (Sailor Mercury), a hothead (Sailor Mars), a movie star (Sailor Venus), a fighter (Sailor Jupiter), and a man who exemplifies the term "Rico Suave" (Tuxedo Mask) join up in order to combat mystical enemies with bad attitudes.  These include Queen Beryl, who seeks the Rainbow Crystals in order to release an invincible enemy; a brother-sister combo who need energy to fuel a plant; and a Wise Man who will change time and space just to snatch a kid and the Silver Crystal.  I haven't seen any of the episodes beyond the one where the Wise Man gets torched, however.  Like Dragonball Z, this series was rather long-lasting from what I heard.

FAVORITE SCENE: Sailor Moon and her future daughter, Rini, succeed in fighting the gravity of Rubeus's UFO and freeing their friends from their prison.  After they leave, the ship self-destructs and takes Rubeus with it.

FAVORITE EPISODE: I don't have any in particular, although the ones that focus on the two felines take the top spots in my book.

FAVORITE CHARACTER(S): Luna and Artemis, for an obvious reason: THEY'RE CATS!

TITLE: Samurai Pizza Cats
PLOT: Please see the Intermediate Info section downstairs on the 1st floor for information.  I like the show; what can I say?

FAVORITE SCENE: The 3 Cats use their Extra-Topping armor for the 1st time in order to take down Bad Bird's space-based robot.

FAVORITE EPISODE: "Samurai Charm School".  This was the first episode I'd ever seen, and one of the two I got to see on television before my Thanksgiving vacation ended.


TITLE: Tenchi Muyo
PLOT: A group of girls (but a space pirate and a Juraian princess in particular) bicker constantly over who gets Tenchi Masaki, a humble farmboy who would hide from them at the slightest opportunities.  The "Muyo", "Universe", and " Tokyo" series (or whatever you want to call them) are currently seen in the U.S.A., with another series in progress elsewhere.  One quick question: does "Pretty Sammy" remind you of Sailor Moon somewhat?  Just a thought.

FAVORITE SCENE: Mihoshi demonstrates her intellectual power.  Namely, none.  As Washu would say, "Where were you when they handed out the brains?"

FAVORITE EPISODE: None in particular.  The ones that would come the closest are the ones that bid "good riddance" to Kagato.

FAVORITE CHARACTERS: Washu, Ryo-ohki.  Washu because she's the scientific genius, and Ryo-ohki because she bears a passing resemblance to a feline (that, and she can transform into a spaceship at will).
Curtis R. Wildcat