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Bad Bird
"Your services are no longer required!  I'm the star of this show now, and there's only room for one star!  So, I'm gonna cancel your contract!"

As the leader of the Ninja Crows, this guy is more trouble to the Pizza Cats than all the other bad guys in the series put together.  Bad Bird attacks without letup, and he will do whatever it takes to achieve victory----even if he does lose 95% of the time.  There are plenty of things he dislikes, from the SPC to creamed corn, and he has proved that he doesn't need eyebrows in order to fight the Pizza Cats (we forgot which episode that remark was from).  
He's not all bad, though.  From getting a small job at the pizza parlor and inadvertantly warning Speedy about the Big Cheese's plot to admitting his love for Carla, he proves he has a heart under that battle armor.  That doesn't mean, however, that you can turn your back on him.  Not even for a second.  Otherwise, he'll turn you into "Siamese sushi"---and all this in the hope that he'll be just as great as his father one day.