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Anime Analysis, Part Two
A disturbing trend is on the loose.  You will find it everywhere you look in Japanese anime.  That is: females with bad tempers.  There is nothing more enjoyable than watching a girl's head triple in size and screaming something inarticulate at anyone who annoys her.  In the words of the martial arts tournament announcer from Dragonball Z, "THAT is entertainment!"

Today, I will analyze some Japanese anime known to some, if not all, of you here in America.  We will see what female in what show has the worst temper, and what my favorite females in those shows are, starting with.....


You fans of the show know who I'm talking about: the top two places go to Princess Vi (otherwise known as the "Prisoner Island Sender") and Polly Esther (a.k.a. the Queen of the Frying Pans).  Running a close third and fourth are Francine (watch the "Gender Bender Butterflies" episode for more info ~_~) and Lucille, the Atomic Goat.

Worst Temper: Princess Vi
Wildcat's Favorite Character: Francine
Reason for Choices: Well, at least POLLY doesn't try sending people to Prisoner or Extra Island.  As for Frannie, she's more on the even-tempered side of the scale, considering I've only seen her lose her temper a few times.


I can safely say I've seen every episode of this cartoon released in America as of now.  There's Misty, a redhead who started following Ash Ketchum around until he hands over the payment for a destroyed bicycle; and Jessie, the vain and haughty member of the Team Rocket trio.  Who to pick, who to pick....

Worst Temper: Misty
Wildcat's Favorite Character: Domino
Reason for Choices: Ash has to deal with Misty 24/7.  Team Rocket may be irritating, but they don't go against "Team Twerp" for that same period of time.  The appearance of Domino in the direct-to-video "Mewtwo Returns" proved that the series had at least SOMEONE smart of the opposite gender (and just for the record, I DO have that video).


Eh....back in my middle school days during the summer when I didn't have anything else to do, I'd watch this.  I haven't seen the newer ones, just the older episodes with the 5 Sailor Scouts.  Stock-full of loudmouthed females, with the exception of Amy, who's one of the few humans in the episodes with a tablespoon of common sense.

Worst Temper: Lita
Wildcat's Favorite Character: Luna
Reason for Choices: Raye's the only one who can give Lita a run for the money, but I've never seen her deck people as hard as the latter.  As for Luna, I just like cats.

The TENCHI series (Tenchi Muyo, Tenchi Universe, Tenchi in Tokyo)

Probably the champion of them all.  You have a space pirate, two princesses, two Galactic Police officers, and a scientist all fighting for a boy's attention at least once throughout the series (in the case of Ryoko and Ayeka, in 90% of the episodes).  Extremely annoying.

Worst Temper: Ryoko
Wildcat's Favorite Character: Washu
Reason for Choices: Ryoko's not as mild-mannered as Ayeka, and is also easily offended and gets mad at just about anything.  Washu is in there because she's the intelligent one of the group (better than Mihoshi) and takes advantage of silence in order to work on various inventions (DEFINITELY better than Mihoshi), although I may point out she can't cook food very well ("I can't boil water!").
Curtis R. Wildcat