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Idiots on Battle.Net
Have you ever been to Battle.Net, the online gaming server set up by Blizzard Software?  If you have, I'm sure you know what I need to get off my mind: the server is plagued with idiots.  I've been playing Blizzard's game "Starcraft" off and on since late 1999, and online since early-mid 2000.  I'll tell you now; there is no solid definition of fair play.  Here are the different kinds of people I've met.  Be warned: not all of them are good.

The Sportsman ---- This person sticks to the rules of the game, including those by the person who set it up in the first place.  He does not cheat.  Unless someone gives him a reason to, he doesn't complain and is usually nice enough to talk to on a man-to-man level without long streams of profanity.  Whether he wins or loses, he congratulates his opponent on a job well done if his enemy is also a Sportsman.  I consider myself in this category.

The Backstabber ---- This category is reserved for those that pretend to follow the rules, only to turn against them later on.  In allied (2-on-2) games, this person will help his ally defeat the other 2 players, then will switch off the allegiances and go on the attack against the remaining character when his numbers are down drastically.  These guys are the most plentiful, as well as the least trustworthy.

The Cheapskate ---- Will not follow the rules set up by the host.  For example, if you have set up a game with a 15 minute no-rushing period (enemy shouldn't attack for that long), you had better be ready in case he attacks within 8.  Has a habit of lying to the other competitors.  Probably uses cheating utilities in order to get the drop on the enemy.  Will immediately disconnect when he finds out that the others are on to him.

The Totalitarian ---- Has a complete disregard for everything and everyone within the game.  He will not listen to anyone, and will attack everyone who gets in the way.  The minute he has a suitable attack force up, he will immediately head for the biggest threats on the map, whether they be ally or enemy.  He takes delight in winning, whether by actual force or by unconditional surrender.

It's as simple as that.  If you're a cheater on (chances are if you're reading this, you're not one of them; but if you know someone who does, you can pass this along), keep in mind that I will not tolerate any of this.  If you try this garbage with me, I won't be playing the role of the Sportsman.  Instead, I'll play the role of the Hitmonlee: the one who kicks the other guy out of the game faster than Odie at a Garfield convention, whether it be by the power of Battlecruisers or through the subtle in-game methods.  I prefer to keep things fair and square.  If you don't, well, then I seriously have to wonder why you signed up for an account in the first place.

Curtis R. Wildcat