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One College, a Million Decisions
You ever have one of those times in your life where you can't make sense of anything around you?  Don't feel bad if you do, because this happens to me on a regular basis.  I'm just starting to enter college.  For any of you that have already graduated, does that bring back any memories?  The hours in classes, the hours of study, the hours of entry...that sort of thing.

The hours in classes, for instance.  You have to choose carefully what classes you're going to take, or else you're going to wish that you did.  Don't overload yourself with classes, or else you'll be so stressed out that you'll be yelling at everyone in range.  Arrange them strategically so that you can have time for both school and, if necessary, work.  

I don't even know what to look forward to in college.  There's only one thing I know about college: the insane amounts of schoolwork and study.  Somehow, I managed to arrange my time so that I'll be able to take it all in.  For those starting out, you should try the same thing: keep your mind on the important things in life, such as a good education.  Don't cancel it out by joining the in-crowd full of losers; chances are, if you do, the only arrangements that'll be made will be funeral arrangements.  

Each time I hear a story about some person who neglected his college studies and got hooked on drugs or R-rated material, it just depresses me.  Here they have a chance to do something worthwhile with their lives, and look what happens to them.  Thus, my advice to you is: as much as you'll absolutely detest it, STAY IN SCHOOL.  Take it from me; I don't like school at all, but I was able to graduate from high school with some high marks on my final report cards (unlike some other morons I could name who dropped out halfway through the year).

Signing up for college requires a lot of patience, too.  I mean, what with the choosing of the classes, the appropiate time frames, the all takes too long.  Depending on what you decide on, it may take less time than you think.  What's important, though, is that you escape school life with some good grades and get a decent job----and none of that will happen if you don't choose wisely.

Curtis R. Wildcat