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Misc. Pages
Ballad of the Idiots ----- It all started in school.  This was a result of two kids combining minds, already-made-famous comics, and their own story characters into probably one of the dumbest things ever dreamed up by mankind.  It's here, with a few minor revisions.  Warnings and advice included for any of those quick to the trigger.

Mako Chain Reaction  -----  Titled "Mako Chain REACTOR" in the story.  Based on an RPG created by Wildcat and one of his friends, "The Game".  Curtis and a team of his best Super-Cats attempt to shut down a series of Mako Reactors before they go kaboom and wipe out this section of the universe.  First created a few years ago.

Shin-Ra Newsletter  ----  As part of "The Game", every so often, Cid comes up with a newsletter of the latest happenings in his fleet.  He sent this to Wildcat once to let him know what was going on.  The text isn't the exact same format as it was when Wildcat got it over E-mail, but you get the idea.  Gives you another idea of the bizarre happenings of "The Game".  The logo, as far as I know, was created by Cid himself; I'm can't say for certain, since I'm pretty sure he got it out of FFVII.

Sonnet 1 ----- As a class assignment in Curtis's 12th-grade English class, he was asked by his teacher to create a sonnet using one of the styles outlined in his English book.  This is what the teacher got in response.  This goes to show just what the kid dealt with each day in high school.

Curtis's Words of Wisdom ----- How many of you know of that Stickie Note application on the Apple Computers?  This page contains the one-liners put on those notes (as far as I'm concerned, that's the only good use that Macintoshes have) since Curtis's spring vacation ended.  Thanks to the newspaper teacher for letting him use the classroom Apple to start on this.

This is Weird! ----- In early 2003, Curtis was on somewhat of a "Slayers" kick.  These mini-fics are proof of this, as they have some somewhat funny stuff happening to the main characters (ex. Xellos throwing his voice just to stress out Lina and Zelgadis).  Takes place between the Next and Try series.  Chapter 8 is now up.

Earth to Phibrizzo, Come In ----- Everyone has dreams, and so does Curtis.  Minus Carlos Cosmos and all the fancy dialogue, the kid had this exact same dream.  The plot: Carlos takes Curtis on a tour of a local high school, only to have a certain kid-sized monster---namely, Phibrizzo---get him in his sights.  Just a note: in this fic, Carlos takes the place of Goku.

The Great Mysteries of Life ----- Curtis often has trouble falling asleep at night.  This fic is proof that a sleepy person's mind was not meant to wander.  A "Tenchi Muyo" fic, this story features Washu trying to figure out a rather foamy problem.  The following are available: Middle, Prologue, Epilogue.  Read in that order.

High School Incarnate ----- Those of you who have read the Editorials on this website already know what Curtis's high-school life was like.  During his senior year, his creative-writing teacher asked him to write a satire or parody of some kind.  Any guesses as to what he wrote about?