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Home Row Phase ---- Version 2.10. Freeware. This simple word processor comes with all the basic frills plus a half-dozen new features, such as the ability to wrap text around pictures and vice versa. Home Row Phase has been designed to run under Windows 3.1, as well as OS/2, Linux, and several other operating systems both old and new. User friendly and straight to the point. Click here to download.

Compilation Plus ---- Version 3. Shareware. Our database software includes a wizard that will guide you through the steps involved in constructing a database. Version 3's new features include the ability to select the number of rows and columns prior to starting the file, amongst others. The shareware edition can be used free for 15 days, and afterward must be registered. Click hereto download.

Cash Cache ---- Version 1.02. Shareware. An update to Version 1.0. This program combines the original version's checkbook balancing with an option to compare your checkbook with the bank statement over e-mail. Can be used free for two months, and afterward must be registered. Click here to download.
Cash Cache ---- Version 1. Shareware. Ever wanted a straightforward way to keep your checkbook balanced and up-to-date? We have your answer right here.

Mix-Midi-Max -- Version 2.0. Shareware. This software recognizes all keyboard brands currently on the market. View the easy tutorial included with the program, and soon you'll be able to produce your own music in MIDI format. Can be tried free for 30 days. Click here to download.

Wildcat's Street Run -- Playable demo. Control a mutant tabby cat as he races around the neighborhood keeping many a pet safe--and thwarting a few break-ins in the process. Shareware version has two levels; register to obtain the full version. Click here to download.
Quartz Crash -- Playable Demo. Race around several abandoned mines trying to collect as many quartz crystals as you can without crashing your mine cart or encountering the Earl of Duke. Shareware version has three levels; register to obtain the full version. Click here to download.

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