The Elevator

We've finally gotten the elevator shaft open for those who want to go down here. As you can guess, there's more to the H.Q. than what's above ground level. Several areas of the H.Q. are permenantly off-limits to outsiders; that's because only members of S.I.D. have access to those facilities. A few are temporarily off-limits; that's because we haven't prepared those areas for outsiders. One of these sections is open, however; that's because Ambush Cat and that sneaky Umbreon of his didn't leave us much choice.

Aw, did Swift get you angry?

*angrily* He did more than get me angry. He turned my Gundam model into trash, and you had the nerve to claim that he was just looking for food!

He was. It wasn't his fault that you left thaSet bowl of jalapenos and taco sauce sitting next to that Level Three Gundam. If you'll pardon the expression, the whole thing just snowballed from there.


(The elevator door opens, and Zapana walks away in a huff. The two that are left, Ambush Cat and Swift, stay in the elevator)

Umbre-on, breon-bre.

You're right, Swift. She IS an idiot.
(The elevator door slides shut)


Movie Theater ---- Originally available via teleportation chamber from the Fanfiction Library.  They had it coming.  For crying out loud, WILDCAT had it coming.  But now, this caffeine-charged kitty will vent his sarcasm on whatever fanfic stands in his way, whether they be good or bad.  Will be divided into 3 sections: "Self Examinations", "Wildcat Science Theater 3000" (I don't even have to tell you what that's about), and "S.O.C. Chaos".