2nd floor of S.I.D. HQ
You're now at the mid-way point in terms of content.  For coming up this far, I congratulate you.  **eerily** However, you shall go no further.....I am the Fire Giant Felony, and none have defeated me yet-----
**mock-serious** Give it up, Felonia.  You're not fooling anyone.
**bursts out laughing** Take a joke, could you?  I'm just kidding! **stops laughing** I know why you're here.  Sorry for scaring you, even though it wasn't much of a scare.  The content here is fairly limited, but at least it's available.  That's what's important.

LINKS ------ Wildcat's favorite places to visit.  Includes both SPC and non-SPC links.
THE PRO FILES ---- The profiles of the Super-Cats that helped to work here.  A work in-progress, but still available.  Not much left to add here.
LOW-GRADE ART ---- Wildcat likes to draw.  Too bad his artwork doesn't show it.  Two pieces of artwork up; with a new scanner hooked up, it's only a matter of time before more JPGs start showing up.
And before any of you ask about the Command Center, Mu 2's declared it off-limits.  I'm not really sure why.