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Hola, gente.  This is Carlos Cosmos.  Vi's let me drop by long enough to introduce some old fanfiction written by Wildcat's human counterpart; seems Thunderball finally got his old video back and didn't see any further need to do this.

Anyhow, the primary reading is the "SPC: Covert Operations" set, a series of sub-par fanfics that take place back in late 1999...and I do mean 'sub-par'; the author's even admitted it.  While these aren't his first fanfic attempts (there was another one he wrote back in 1998 that never made it online for obvious reasons), they may as well have been.  Read only if you're a die-hard Pizza Cats fan or if you want a cheap laugh or two.

NAME THAT TUNE ---Associative music: "The Imperial March", from the "Star Wars" Trilogy
BLACK FLAGGED ---Associative music: The theme music from "Days of Thunder"
EMBERS OF JEALOUSY ---Associative music: "Jealousy", The Pet Shop Boys
A RADIATING EXPERIENCE, PARTS ONE AND TWO ---Associative music: "The Final Countdown", Europe
OWNER OF A LONELY HEART --- Associative music: "Who's Crying Now", Journey

Just for the record, it's alright if you want to send Wildcat some comments; but flames will witness the almighty power of the Delete Key.  Enough said, really.

Alright, that's that.  Now let's move on to something a little bit mejor, shall we?

MAJOR PROJECTS --- These lead to Wildcat's major projects, both the finished AND the uncomplete ones.

MISC. PAGES --- Some tidbits, non-SPC stories, and minor pieces of trash that Wildcat thought fit to toss in here.